1st Grade Vocabulary

1st Grade Vocabulary, what English words should your students know?

by Lyanne Thomas

Some children read by the age of 4 and some by 9, both are within the normal range. Learning how to read involves complex processes. Before a child can read he or she must be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet, identify the sounds of the different letters and likewise comprehend what is being read. Our school system is designed in a way that after first grade the child must be able to read.

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There are certain words that a first grader must know, and these are the “sight words.” What are sight words? Sight words are words that are easily recognized by the reader. They are considered to be the foundation of the English language, they are commonly used words that do not sound as they are spelled thus making them difficult to learn by phonics.

The main list that help teachers and parents identify sight words is the Dolch List which includes 220 words, the top ten in the list are: the, to, and, he, a, I, you, it. Aside from the Dolch List there are several first grade word lists available. Here is another helpful link: Enchanted Learning's Vocabulary Words for First Grade Readers -This is a comprehensive list of words to help first graders read and write quickly. Learning sight word is important not only for reading, it is as well necessary for writing. Reading and writing are early literacy skills that serve as the main tools for lifelong learning.

Teaching Reading Fundamentals to Children

Teaching reading to your kids by making it fun and enjoyable is a powerful way to spark a love of learning that will spur them on to success throughout their school years and beyond. How do you teach children to read and make it fun?

Anki is great for Vocabulary Review! It`s Free too!

How do you teach reading fundamentals to children?

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