2nd Grade Spelling Words

How Tough Can 2nd Grade Spelling Words Be?

How to get involved more with educating your own children at home


Advice to relate to parents if you teach children

by Sandra Johnson

There was a time when education was not given any importance what-so-ever. Then, people presumed that education was to be learned at home alone. After that, people realized that educational institutions were essential for good quality learning.

Nowadays, people realize that education cannot be restricted to a single entity or organization. Rather, home schooling is equally important. Learning 2nd grade spelling words in the comforts of your house is a lot different from learning things at school.

Parents often make the mistake of thinking that home schooling that involves lessons on 2nd grade spelling will not be very difficult.

A Natural Way to Learn Spelling

Is simply by reading. Lois DeWitt has written and illustrated many

stories for children at her website, Free Online Art Classes. As well as teach you how to draw and paint, she even has advice on


Phonics leads to being able to Spell

I recommend using the "Finding Out" series by David Paul to teach phonics to your students or children. Then give them spelling tests like this (below) based on the vocabulary in the Finding Out series, or your own word lists based on the phonics they have already learned.

Be sure of course, to pre-teach the phonics necessary before giving them the test. You do not want to demotivate your students or own children.

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Some 2nd Grade Words for Spelling































Kids tend to be very smart. That is the reason why parents get questions related to 2nd grade spelling that force them to surrender!

We all know that there are rules when it comes to spelling words. However, when questioned on that, we may in fact forget the pertinent rule. When a child is learning 2nd grade spelling at home, he or she will definitely ask such questions -and some teachers will have no answers (unless perhaps, the teacher is a linguist or can remember some of the rules learned in childhood).

It is advisable to make use of the internet to get in touch with others who have experience in these matters. They will help you understand how difficult it can be to teach a lesson on 2nd grade spelling words. Getting advice from such people be they teachers or laymen will be very convenient and effective.

Further, you can check out resources that help you understand the approach that you should take. However do check out the Finding Out series above. It is great! There is software available for it too, and support for it through people like David Lisgo and others.

Spelling words may not be very difficult for you but it is a part of the educational foundation of your child. If the foundation is not placed properly, your child is going to suffer in the long run. It is better to over prepare and relax later rather than giving your child or students a bad education.

There are those who still teach spelling in a brute force, rote memorization style. It doesn`t have to be that way. Again phonics is the way to go! Teach the phonics and spelling will be less painful. So will learning to read! The "English Land," textbook series is another good option, plus it has Disney characters that they children love, throughout their books. Win! Win! in my opinion.

And always remember you can teach phonics in a fun way, and through games!

Far too many teachers forget to make it fun!

2nd grade spelling words lessons at home with the help of the internet will help your child get a head start over others. Not only will it help your child become better at managing spellings, it will also improve your bond with your child or your students if you teach.

It does not the matter whether you teach just one hour a day or whether you have a weekend session related to spelling, problems and general studies. The fact that you have taken time and effort to help the child will definitely make a huge impact on the child.

You can also use 2nd grade spelling words found online to provide basic computer and internet training to your young child. You will be encouraging your child to make use of a tool that is widely recognized as one of the best educational research tools in the world – the computer.

From better grades to more confidence in parents and their love and affection – there are many reasons why home schooling with the help of

free resources on the web offers many benefits.

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