2nd Grade Vocabulary

2nd Grade Vocabulary

If someone wants to learn a language, the best time is childhood. It is easy to train the mind of a child. If you are a teacher to the students of grade 1,2 or 3 teach your students these words. Indeed, you can have a positive influence on their spoken and written English skills.

To improve English, vocabulary is a very important part of learning English. Here is a list of words that you should teach your second grade students. This list has been compiled carefully, based on the experience of a second grade teacher.

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Here is a list of words your 2nd grade students should know:

Compiled by K. Ali

2nd Grade Vocabulary
Aboard Accomplish Actor
Affair Aflame Aid
Airfield Almond Along
Amount Any Appear
Ark Armload Article
Artist Ashore Away
Basis Batch Battle
Beginner Belt Bind
Blame Blueberry Bold
Bore Braid Branch
Brand Brass Brook
Brother Brush Bubble
Bug Bulb Bump
Bush Business Butter
Buy Cactus Cartoon
Case Cash Cast
Cause Cedar Centimeter
Century Chair Chance
Charge Chase Checkers
Cheek Cherry Chest
Chick Chimney Chop
Chrome Chubby Clap
Clear Click Clover
Clue Coal Coast
Collie Colorful Continue
Control Corn Craft
Crash Crew Crib
Crime Cue Curl
Dare Daydream Deep
Die Dig Disagree
Dish Drift Drill
Dump Dust Dye
Earn Eat Erase
Everywhere Exact Expect
Explain Every Fast
Field Figure Find
Fire Firefly Fireworks
Firm Fitting Flash
Flat Foal Fool
Foolish Fresh Friendship
Gain Gale Govern
Grant Grape Hammer
Handle Hang Haunt
Herd History Hive
Imagine Ink Invent
Iron Jellyfish Jingle
Jog Journal Kilogram
Kilometer Knight Knowledge
Ladder Ladybird Laid
Language Lavender Lawn
Lemon Length Lice
Lone Lonely Lord
Lye Maize Malt
Maple Mask Measure
Meter Method Middle
Millimeter Modern Mole
Monument Mountain Mule
Multiply Nail Narrow
Natural Neighbor Objective
Offer Onion Overthrow
Pail Pain Paint
Parade Peek Phone
Pinecone Pint Pitch
Plain Poppy Position

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List Continued
Pretend Pride Produce
Proud Prowl Puff
Quart Rail Rainfall
Recess Record Rude
Rush Rust Settle
Sew Shade Share
Skill Skip Slap
Sonic Spank Special
Speech Spend Squeak
Squirm Stair Stale
Stamp Steak Steam
Steel Steep Stem
Stew Stink Stomach
Stone Stool Stork
Success Suggestion Sundown
Sunlit Sweetness System
Talent Teaspoon Teen
Thou Thoughtful Thread
Through Toothpaste Toss
Total Toxic Treat
Trend Trio Tryout
Tulip Tunnel Umbrella
Unless Useful Useless
Vacation Valley Value
Vegetable Village Wagon
Wasp Watchful Woodchuck
Woodpecker Yank Yarn
Yearly Cue Curl