A Small English idioms survey

by Stephen

A Small English idioms survey

Dear Director

I used to teach English in Japan, but now I’m studying Linguistics in England. For my project I need Japanese adults (age 16 and older) to do my small English idioms survey (there’s an Amazon Gift Voucher / アマゾンギフト券 prize-draw for those I interview also).

Questionnaire: http://www.smart-survey.co.uk/v.asp?i=53221ilgxq ; Japanese / English instructions; only eight questions; Japanese equivalents given too.

Why this survey? Using idioms makes a person sound like a native-speaker, but idioms are very cultural, so I want to understand how the Japanese feel.

Please ask your friends, colleagues, and students to try it. This would help me considerably.


Stephen - University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

DATA PROTECTION: I do not need private information - this survey complies with United Nations conventions.

はじめまして, 私はStephenと申します。







スティーブン - ポーツマス大学、イギリス


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