Advanced English Lesson

Advanced English Lesson, Tom C. Anderson discusses things you can do with your advanced students when teaching English in Japan.

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For an advanced lesson there are so many options. Teaching and advanced class of English learners in Japan becomes easier as the students can handle many activities - so what you can do increases.


You can have a debate. You will probably need to pre-teach how to debate though, as Japanese usually don`t have much experience with this. Japan being a land of consensus rather than debate.

Reading Circles

We outline how to do reading circles

here. They are a great way to get students reading and talking.

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News Article Discussion

Have students either pre-read or read a news article in class. You can simply take one from the Mainichi or Japan Times or off the internet. There are easier articles available on the internet if your students find regular news articles too difficult.

Student Topics

Have a different student think of a topic, present it and lead the class for that day. It is a great way to make your classes more student centered, and great for them to have to use the English necessary to lead the class and keep it going.


Assign the students homework to watch a movie, preferably without reading the subtitles. Then they have to summarize the movie they watched in pairs, and their pair partner must ask them at least three questions about the movie.

Advanced English Lessons are available at the English page. They have weekly lessons and there are many advanced lessons including vocabulary,verb tenses,conditionals, modals, prepositions and


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