Aeon Requires Part-time Teachers Now

by Aeon
(Japan Wide)

International Teaching Jobs -- AEON English School Requires Native English Teachers throughout Japan

for part-time positions.

AEON English School, recruits from several English speaking countries around the world, as we realize that diversity is essential to the well-rounded education of our students. The greater the spectrum of individuality to which we can expose our students, the greater their understanding of foreign cultures will be. We are eager to meet with any qualified applicant.

However, AEON English School is not ideal for everyone. It is a great opportunity for those who are willing to accept the challenges of living and working in Japan, but living and working in a different culture should not be considered lightly. It requires a one-year commitment from dedicated, mature individuals willing to adapt to the culture and work environment of Japan. It is a commitment that cannot be broken if things happen to be different from what you had expected. Future employees need to prepare themselves mentally, culturally and professionally for their new workplace in Japan. AEON is not sponsoring paid vacations to Japan; teaching English at AEON is a serious job requiring dedication, cultural flexibility, organization, respect, creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. The AEON experience can be challenging in these respects, and yet it is extremely rewarding as both a career opportunity and a personal experience.

Aeon English School, Candidates must have an accredited Bachelor's degree combined with a strong understanding and masterful command of the English language, and a genuine interest in the culture and people of Japan as well as in teaching and business. Japanese language ability and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching experience are very helpful, but not mandatory. AEON employs individuals ranging from recent graduates to trained professionals. Although most of our foreign teachers are native English speakers, AEON still considers candidates from countries where English is not the primary language. Our company requires a perfect command of the English language. Applicants from countries where English is not the native language (or not the only native language) must have a total of at least 10 years of education from schools where English is the primary mode of education, including a Bachelor's degree from an English speaking country. Positions are filled year-round on a monthly basis, and applications should be made at least two to six months before the desired departure month.

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