Amnesty International Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Amnesty International Japan - Japan is a Great Country

I am glad I have chosen to live here and raise my family here. I shudder when I think of some of the countries my children might have been born in. Though daily life in Japan is good, it isn`t without problems nor injustices. But who can help with that?

Amnesty International Japan attempts to make Japan a better, fairer and more equal place for all, and it is easy to get involved and help end unfair, practices by the police or government that infringe upon human rights or are just plain unfair or even wrong.

If you have been hiding in a cave somewhere, you might not be aware that Amnesty International Japan fights for human rights in Japan and around the world.

There are branches of this great NPO all over the world, fighting for justice, fighting to free people imprisoned under unfair rules, fighting for the innocent and the weak when they are treated badly,or even violently.

Japan like all nations has problems. Amnesty tries to improve the country for everyone.

I suspect that Amnesty has helped to get Japan to sign the Hague Convention on child abduction, which is great news for foreign parents of biracial children in Japan, as many have been kidnapped and brought back to Japan. These parents have had little recourse until now.

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Innocent Man Govinda Mainali, is Finally Free

After the courts ordered Nepali Govinda Prasad Mainali to be freed last year after 15 years in prison for a wrongful conviction of the murder of a prostitute, his attorneys petitioned the Tokyo district court to compensate him for confinement on false charges. The attorneys demanded the maximum possible compensation for the 5,500 days he spent behind bars.

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Oct 13, 2015
Human Rights
by: Billy

I strongly believe that human rights should be preserved by any means. I support the representatives of this organization and I have written the petitions as well.

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