Anime Manga, what are they?

Anime Manga - What are they?

by Karen Mystic

Indeed what are they? The answer to the questions seems obvious to anyone acquainted with the terms ・"Japanese animation," for anime, and "Japanese comics" for manga ・until some people speak about cultural diffusion. Because most anime usually starts out as a manga, the two words are congruent and sometimes interchangeable in the anime and manga fandom depending upon how different or similar the manga and anime are for a certain story.

Anime and its comic book counterpart, manga, have obtained huge audiences worldwide. Reaching out to millions of people, the two art forms have inspired fans to draw in "anime-style" and "manga-style" which leads to the basic questions,

"What are they?" Are they simply Japanese art, made solely in Japan, or are they a genre, a particular style of drawing?

The birthplace of Japanese Style Cartoons

Anime's birthplace is in Japan of course. What had been called "Japanimation" in the `60s and `70s is now called "anime." "Japanimation" simply stood for animation featured in Japan. The new word is a Japanese cognate of "animation," but it took hold as a replacement for the original word with the definitions remaining the same when fans in other countries during the `80s and `90s considered the old word as racist.

Anime Manga - aimed at Japanese

Both anime and manga originated in Japan and were aimed directly at Japanese audiences; this makes them Japanese in nature. Although they are now dubbed and translated, their point of origin remains in Japan.

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