Asahi Cultural Center

Asahi Cultural Center - is a great school to teach in Japan for.

They have schools in various parts of Japan and is owned by the Asahi Newspaper Company.

It is a good school to teach in Japan for according to various teachers who have taught for them in the past.

ACC Homepage:

ACC Homepage

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Please contact them via the address on their page or Email them.

One gentleman by the pseudonym, "Glenski," wrote that he really enjoyed teaching for them.

"I had a wonderful 3.5 years at an eikaiwa..." --from the Japan Today Forum

Glenski taught there from Sept of 1998 until March of 2002.

Glenski talks further about what it is like to work at ACC:

"...I'd like to lend a hand to existing and prospective teachers in Japan. My predecessors at ACC were, for the most part, pretty typical examples of bad teachers, and I inherited some awful situations when I took over their classes. Students enjoy my co-workers and me mostly because we provide more than just lessons in conversational grammar, and they've told us how much they like our approaches.

We teach with two textbook series, Spectrum and Interchange, as well as hold some free-talking classes (for the higher levels, of course). The texts don't have nearly enough material for a single weekly lesson, 80 minutes long, so we improvise and add material of our own to promote casual repetition of grammar and vocabulary. Our classes are 2-14 people in size, and they're mostly adults average 50 years in age (range is actually 21 to 82). I've also held a class called Science Topics for a year, and I'm currently doing something like a debate class, both for very high level students."


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