Autistic Students in University Classes

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Autistic Students in University Classes

Frankly, I`m a bit disappointed at how some of my students react to, and treat some of the autistic students in our classes. It isn`t just my Japanese students who disappoint me this way, it is the foreign students too. I teach at a Japanese university in Kanto.

I feel all students are deserving of respect, but sometimes I feel they don`t quite bully the autistic student, but they don`t treat them as well as I would like. I have spoken about this to one class in the past. But often the message is lost in translation. They wonder why I am bringing it up.

I thought the Japanese students at least, would have been used to autistic classmates by now, having had them throughout their school years. Some of my students plan to go into senior care or social work, and yet they find it hard to get along with certain students.

Any advice or comments appreciated. Do you think Japanese students 18-20 years old, are aware that austisic people experience the world in a different way?

Any advice for getting Japanese students to treat others with more respect?

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