Bad News at Waseda University for Part-time Teachers

by Robert Upland

Bad News at Waseda University for Part-time Teachers

Tokyo,Japan 2015

Unfortunately, in Japan, 4 komas per week seems to be the new normal for part-time teachers here, now.

I hate to be the bearer of what could possibly be more bad news in the coming years down the road.

We part time university teachers at Waseda received this flyer from the teachers union for Waseda teachers. Basically (from what I was told what it generally means from a Japanese teacher) it says the government (Ministry of Education) wants to implement a four koma limit for us part time university teachers, which is what one of the newer teachers hired this term, is working now (two classes twice a week). My colleague also knows of another new part time teacher at Tokai who was just renewed and limited to just two classes twice a week, just like the before mentioned person was.

I have found that most of the part-time teaching jobs offered at universities now, are for just 4 koma (2 classes x 2 days per week).

Things have changed in a negative way for part-time university instructors in Japan. Might be time to think about teaching elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm attaching the flyer we part time teachers at Waseda got and maybe (if you want) you can get a Japanese person who can translate it into English to get a better understanding of what it says.

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