Bangkok Dangerous!

Bangkok Dangerous, one of the oldest snake farms in the world is operating in the very heart of Bangkok and actively encourages visitors to come and see its show. If you are brave enough, it is situated at the Pasteur Institute on Rama IV Road at the corner of the Henri Dunant Road, the Institute raises venomous snakes to extract their venom. Snakes such as the banded krait, Siamese cobra, king cobra, pit and Malayan vipers are milked and fed every day at 11:00. The venom is collected and injected in small amounts into horses. Serum containing antibodies to the venom is then taken from the horses and purified, before being distributed around Thailand and abroad as antidotes for snakebite.

by Wayne Burns

A notable animal attraction in Samut Prakarn, about 33km from Bangkok on the Sukhumvit highway going southeast, is the Crocodile Farm, rated as the largest in the world. Started by a man who used to hunt crocodiles in the wild, it has been emulated by other countries to keep their crocodile populations from becoming extinct.

Today it is extremely rare to see any of the four species native to Thailand in their wild state. One of the farm`s specimens is rated as the largest crocodile in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. The farm puts on regular performances throughout the day, featuring wrestling between man and crocodile plus other animal acts.

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A sideline of the farm, raising crocodiles for their skins, has been boosted by the addition of a snake farm, to raise snakes for their skins. The main feeding of the crocs takes place late in the afternoon. Buses for Samut Prakarn leave Ekamai bus station on Sukhumvit Road at the end of Soi 61.

One other attraction in Samut Prakarn, which can be combined with a trip to the Crocodile Farm, is the Ancient City, or Muang Boran. A favorite stop on the itinerary of Bangkok tour companies, this vast outdoor museum offers miniature versions of the major architectural attractions of Thailand, covering 80 hectares with beautifully crafted replicas. The same public buses go to the Crocodile Farm and the Ancient City.

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