Bangkok Night Life

Bangkok Night Life, If you plan to TEFL Thailand (teach English as a foreign language) in Thailand, you can experience the range of exotic entertainment in Bangkok: from a very nice dinner to dancing, karaoke, or to the sexy variety. Like many major cities, the choices for your nighttime entertainment is wide and varied.

While in Bangkok I have eaten great food, gone dancing, sung at karaoke and listened to great music.

Hostess bars of one form or another are the most prominent kind of entertainment in this huge city. As well there are thousands of great restaurants, nightclubs and massage parlors. There are boxing rings called Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing), illegal casinos, movie theaters, live theater and even symphonies. The array of fun that can be had in Bangkok is astounding.

"...outside Bangkok`s big hotels, things start to become interesting. Specifically, the night scene caters mostly for the unattached of both sexes. It is very easy to find someone who appears to want to talk and get to know you better, There is never any reason for being lonely. Conversations can be held sipping vintage French champagne underneath a crystal chandelier in an exclusive membership club, or over a beer in a sparsely decorated noodle shop, where the only item identifying the place as a night spot is a battered Vietnam-war-era jukebox. The intrepid tourist will soon discover that the similarities between these two extremes are more numberous than the differences."

--Julius Gorman, "Thailand," Nelles Guides

Safe to say that it is best to stay on the beaten path of entertainment in Bangkok, unless you have a friend who knows what is safe and what isn`t. You do not want to get yourself in a bad situation like a friend of mine did, who was overcharged and slapped hard on the nose, by a group of Thai thugs blocking the exit of an exotic entertainment establishment. This occurred at a second floor establishment on Patpong Road.

Gay clubs are found all over Bangkok. There are many just north of Patpong. This area is often called Patpong III. Straight customers are also welcome and the entertainment is often good.

While not all entertainment is of the sexual variety, a good portion of it is. 33% of all tourists visiting Thailand in any one year are single males. Thais are very understanding people regarding most aspects of their society, and entertainment is one of them.

For up to date information on entertainment in Bangkok, buy a copy of the Bangkok Post or

read it online.

Be sure to experience a variety of the entertainment in Bangkok. Have fun but stay safe!

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