BEWARE: Nichi Gakkan's Coco-Juku

by George

After interviewing in Tokyo, I was told I was "hired" by Nichi Gakkan in February 2012, and was asked to STOP interviewing with any other companies. I received a letter for the job offer, and told that I would be contacted for a one week training session. At the training I would receive and sign the contract. I waited a month and then called to ask about the training session. "Soon, we will contact you".

Three weeks later I received an email with a map and instructions to go to Kobe for the training for the following week. The day prior to the training, I was called and told to wait, since my position wasn't ready yet. Training cancelled.

Two months later, another job offer letter was mailed (June by this time). But no mention of a schedule for the training. I called. "Wait, we'll contact you," they said. That was the last I heard from them. Seven more months have passed. Not a word from them. It's January 2013 now.

Fortunately, I never turned down an interview and have built up several freelance jobs that as a whole pay the same for half of the time commitment of a full-time job.

Now NG is advertising for positions in my area. What happened? Are they so disorganized? The question arises, who would want to work for such a company?

Unless you're prepared to be jacked around and have unlimited resources, I'd stay away from Nichi Gakkan and Coco Juku. Their job offers are meaningless.

From the Editor:

If the company mentioned here wishes to comment on this, we will gladly print their comments too.

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May 10, 2013
yes, beware.
by: kyushu

Same experience here. The starting date and place were changed on three seperate occasions and I was about to give up. Finally, a time and place were secured. I wrote it off to new school disorginization.

Now, more than a year down the road with this company, the disorginization has spawned into a very poor working environment and the majority of employees are quite unhappy. I wish I had given up.

Upon being hired, broken promises began and outright lies soon followed. There are no benefits in this company.
Most of the things you read online are true.
I recommend you research well before agreeing to work here. You can do much better.

Jan 07, 2013
Snobbish Schools !
by: Anonymous

I found them a bit odd too, initially they were very keen on me about mid-2012 then they went all snobbish on me saying I didn't have a degree even though I have 6 yrs experience of teaching in Japan to offer. I found a lot of the schools snobbish towards seasoned teachers, reluctant to pay for transportation costs & health insurance & offering very low pay.

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