by Neha Smyth

"Good morning, Samco!” wishes the interviewer. Samco sat there very nervous, thinking about what kind of questions are going to be asked. Samco did not know proper English, resulting in the sweating of his palms.

"Tell me about yourself.” says the interviewer.

" Samco. in ABC college and I go to the second year.” says Samco on his first ever interview.

Samco was not hired for the job because he did not know the English grammar rules. Therefore, English grammar rules are a necessity for speaking decent and proper English.

Basic English is a must to communicate with other people from all over the world. First, knowing the subject and verbs of the topic is a must. Without having a knowledge of subject and verbs and how to use them -- the English grammar rules, it is almost impossible to talk to someone.

In addition, agreement between the subject and verb should be at your finger-tips for any decent talk. Moreover, pronouns are one of the main factors in English grammar. For instance, knowing when to use 'he', ’she’ or 'they' can change the whole meaning of an argument or a sentence.

Using proper words at the proper time has an impact on the sentence and what it means

The use of 'who' and 'whom' are very different from each other.

"To whom were you referring?" not "To who were you referring?"

Again, there has always been confusion between the words 'whoever' and 'whomever'. Many people still do not know that there are differences between these two similarly-pronounced words.

More importantly, simple words like 'that' and 'which' are commonly misused by many people. It may look very simple and most amusingly, these two words, put in the same sentence may add to the construction of a proper sentence. However, the proper usage proves for better English.

The most important factor of a brief English grammar rule is proper form of the word. Adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs create the true meaning of a sentence. With a wrong form, a sentence is formed into an awkward structure with glaring mistakes.

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However, there have been serious problems with prepositions too. Almost all people have this problem, and it has been a barrier for proper English in Non-Native English Speakers. Finally, effective writing has an effect on the English grammar. For instance, avoiding the frequent use of 'there is', there are, 'it is', makes a better sentence.

All in all, brief English grammar rules are extremely important for communication as the world speaks in English.

Who knows if there will be opportunities beyond your circle of daily life for a better living? Indeed you do not want to lessen the chances that come your way,because of a poor command of English grammar rules.

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