Bryce Hatch

by Bryce
(Salt Lake CIty, Utah, United States)


My name is Bryce Hatch and I'm very interested in teaching English in Japan.

I'm 20 years old and have over 50 credit hours at University. I'm from the United States and have lived here my whole life.

I'm writing because I'm having a hard time starting this process. I've been to Japan twice (once on a study abroad and another for pleasure) and I want to go back!

Myself and my friend want to move there ASAP and start teaching. We both are native speakers and have a love for the culture.

My main point is, how do we do this? Any information would be so greatly appreciated. I'm sort of "overwhelmed" by everything and would love any help.

Please let me know. Both of us just want to make enough money to live in Japan. Nothing fancy. Just enough for us to get by and experience their culture and language.

If you have time, please give me any advice. Anything would be appreciated!


Bryce Hatch

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Aug 06, 2010
Where to find teaching jobs in Japan?
by: Anonymous

I think actually some of the best places to find work in Japan are the sites where employers don`t have to pay.


For that reason, --because it is free to advertise
more schools do.

Just check out all the ads at this site and check
out Ohayo Sensei then compare it to other sites
like Gaijinpot.

You will find far more ads at a free site like this one or Ohay

Jobs in Japan is another good site for many jobs,
as most of the ads are free.

These days, Gaijinpot doesn`t have many ads and they tend to be the same ads ie) Gaba every single issue etc.

Aug 03, 2010
Trying to find work is hard...
by: Chozen English School (owner)

Your question, Bruce. Is a good one! How to find work?
I'm very glad to try to help but to be honest I've only ever been on the 'receiving' end of this situation. In fact, when I first came to Japan back in 1993 we didn't have the internet. I remember looking at a newspaper advertisement to find a the job here. Things have definitely changed.
You might be best to think about from the employers view. Places where employers have to pay for the advertisement are serious about finding someone. Free sites are good, but you want to find a school that is genuine.
I'd also suggest, shorting your introduction slightly. Some employers aren't native English speakers and to have to read a long letter may put them off. I can almost guarantee that all schools like photos and proof or identity straight away.
I'm not sure if I should say it, but I wouldn't mention your friend until later (after you've made some progress). Couples/partners or teachers wanting to work together are hard to take on. A lot of schools are scared of them. Several years back our school had employed a couple. It was fine but then it was a case of one saying "I want leave this school." and they did. Two teachers lost in one sitting. Not fun. This wouldn't mean we wouldn't consider it again... it's harder though.
Some schools state the request for candidates to be 'residing in Japan' because of a lack of time. Employers will also find it much easier to have the teacher meet for an interview. Some insist on sample lessons to be preformed. It appears to be less 'risk free' if you meet the teacher. Although this is true, our school has done both. We've had teachers who have lived here for several years and other that have never been overseas before. Our school usually likes teachers with an open mind, fresh ideas, and no hiccups about Japan. I prefer teachers to fly in to be with us. How can I put it... they aren’t bias they are here because we helped them get here and we find they appreciate the opportunity to be employed more.
If you are not in Japan, why not mention that you would be able to attend an interview online eg: Skype, or if you made a short video of your teaching ability. Something employers could download and see how well you are with students etc.. If you did a little homework you could perhaps find someone and make an ESL teaching video. Show how you understand non native speakers and know how to help them. Show how you like children etc. Making a blog of your thoughts and styles, photos of yourself in the classroom scene. Any of these with help the employer see that you are serious about working hard.
I hope that this helps.
I've just had another thought. I heard that a lot of larger cities public offices in Japan (市役所)help with employment. A teacher may go to the office and ask for information on schools that have openings. I'm not sure how much they do after that, do they help with interviews? etc.

Aug 02, 2010
First Steps
by: Kevin Burns

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for your questions! I was going through the same thing years ago. I really wanted to go
to Japan, but had no idea about living there, how to go about getting a job and everything else
you have to think about.

First advice--READ! READ all that you can.

Spend a lot of time at our site and read it. Even print out pages and read them on the bus or train if necessary if you don`t want to spend so much time online, but read all that you can.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Where to start?

Read our First Steps Page

First Steps to Teaching English in Japan

Go the the library as well, and read as many
books about Japan, or working in Japan and especially teaching in Japan as you can.

Start studying Japanese. Buy a book and start.
You won`t regret it.

Anyway spend a LOT of time at our site. You will be glad you did. I have worked for a couple
of years on this site so there is a ton of information there--well over 200 pages!

Spend the time to read it. Just take it slow and
gradually things will become clearer.

Take notes.

Write down your questions and then write down the answers once you find them.

That`s what I did, many, many moons ago.


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