Can I bring my family?

by Chelsea


I currently teach high school in the US, but it has been a dream of mine since High School to teach ESL overseas, particularly Japan.

My question is in regards to my family. I have a husband (who is non-degreed) and 2 young children (both under 3). IS there any chance of my getting a job and being able to bring my family?

What kind of issues would we face legally?

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Sep 06, 2011
by: Sisyphus

Honestly, I think you are better off retiring and deciding with your husband if you can take a year off and work in Japan as that dream you've always wanted.

First and foremost as said above, visas will be nigh unattainable. You can find work and get a working visa but your husband will more hard pressed if he doesn't speak the language well enough to get a blue collar job.

Then depending on the age of your children, you would put them where for schooling? An international school will frankly cost about 70K yen a month if not more. And you would realistically be able to secure 280K on average at best. Please note, high school in Japan is not free and then there is transportation to be paid.

I could go on and on. But in a nutshell, as I said, you'd do better to wait until you retire, have a small pension as a backup, study some Japanese, and then get a job direct (if possible), through JET (if still around due to the decline of the program), or do some low-paying teacher dispatch job.

Also come with the idea that you want to teach and travel. Don't come with the idea that you'll make much extra money to put away for saving.

Sep 06, 2011
Yes you Can
by: Kevin R Burns

The short answer is: Yes you can.

But it won`t be easy. I think you know that though.

Issues you would face: Getting the proper visas for the whole family.

I think you will need the school that hires you to help with that. You may want to come to Japan first, to get hired or if you want to be hired from abroad (much more difficult), ask them about how to arrange the visas. Some schools may balk at this however, as arranging a visa for the teacher they hire, is enough work for many schools with a small staff.

Again, it may not be easy.

Indeed, coming on your own is difficult but getting everyone else settled and into their routine, be it daycare, a job for Dad, or what have you will be the challenge.

Perhaps easier in many ways if you are in a large city as there are more jobs on offer for your partner and more daycare facilities.

Once settled however, your dream can become a reality and it is a great dream. Everyone will tell you it is difficult and it is, but that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t pursue this.

Most people can`t imagine leaving Deer Hill, Louisiana, let alone moving the whole family to a foreign country like Japan. But you don`t need to mind them.

You may wish to consult an immigration lawyer for Japan. Google some. They may be able to help with advice and that is their expertise.

Ask around at some forums on teaching in Japan.
Perhaps some others have done the same thing.

Were it me, I would come first, get as good a job as I could, Get as big and apartment as I could
comfortably afford, and then send for Dad and the kids. Before they come, consult an expert on how to sponsor them as your dependents. Your husband could come on a spousal visa with your sponsorship I would think and you could sponsor your kids as dependents.

You will need a good salary. And will need to budget. 300,000 Yen per month minimum and preferably more. Hopefully your husband can work. If he has IT skills that is much more likely. Can he cook? Could he work in a restaurant.

You need to think about what he would do. Or would he stay at home and take care of the kids?
Could he teach part-time out of your apartment?
Giving you a second income?

Things to think about.

You need to do much more research on this. And then decide if it is doable.

Hope this helps!

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