Chemistry Vocabulary

Here is a list of the important chemistry vocabulary, you should teach your ESL students.

Compiled by A. Khalid

Absolute zero: This is the lowest possible temperature; the temperature is below the actual zero.

Acid: An acid is a substance that has pH less than 7. If it is exposed to litmus paper, litmus paper turns red.

Bond energy: It is the energy required to break one mole of bonds.

Base: A chemical having pH higher than 7, which turns litmus paper blue.

Catalyst: Catalyst is an agent that speeds up a reaction without making any chemical change.

Chemical change: a change that cannot be reversed is called a chemical change.

Condensation: Condensation is the process of turning vapor in to a liquid by cooling the vapors.

Diffusion: It is the movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

Formula n. : set of symbols showing the elements that a substance is made of.

Immiscible: If two substances do not dissolve in each other, they are called immiscible.

Kinetic energy: The energy of a moving object is called Kinetic energy.

Molar mass: The mass of one mole of particles

Normal boiling point: The temperature at which a substance boils is called its boiling point.

Normal melting point: The temperature at which a substance melts is called its normal melting point.

Phase: In chemistry phase usually refers to the state of the compound (i.e. solid, liquid, or gas)

Solute: The thing that gets dissolved in a solution, usually solids are solutes.

Solution: Mixture of solute and solvent is called solution

Solvent: The substance that dissolves a solute, usually liquids are solvents.

Vaporization: The boiling of a liquid is called vaporization.

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