Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners

by Shannon D.
(Dayton, OH)

Pictured: The cherry blossoms in Japan

Pictured: The cherry blossoms in Japan

"Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners" by Jane Hill and Cynthia Bjork, is is one of many EFL books I use in my regular classroom. It is based on Marzano's research of vocabulary instruction.

This is a great professional resource book as it will increase the classroom teacher's knowledge of how EFL/ELLs learn an grow, as well as providing research-based and evidence-based teaching strategies to address individual needs.

There are nine categories of instructional strategies to enhance student achievement, and there are EFL/ELL applications for each one.

What I particularly like about this EFL book is how it is so practical in the strategies it suggests. Not only do the strategies benefit the special needs of EFL/ELL learners, but they are sound, research based strategies that are good for all learners.

Teachers can implement the instructional strategies right away and see great results with them. I highly recommend this book to any teacher who works with English language learners.

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