Correct Spelling of Words

Correct spelling of words is a challenge for most students and(even some teachers). But we won`t mention any names here Frank! Ooops!

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How can we teach our students to spell? Here are some ideas:

How to Teach Spelling and Help your Students Build a Correct Linguistic Foundation

by Sandra Johnson

As an English teacher, you know that reading, writing and spelling are three important parts of learning English. Reading can be easier and it can be absorbed by students rather fast, but on the other hand, writing and spelling implicitly can be a lot more difficult. You’ve probably observed the same students making the same mistakes with the same words or with the same type of words. To avoid these mistakes, you just need to apply some tricks and use a few tips that will help you learn everything there is to learn about how to teach spelling.

First grade spelling words, what first graders should know

First grade is the first school year after kindergarten, and most first graders are usually 6-7 years of age. First graders are taught basic reading skills and simple writing such as writing short sentences and spelling simple words correctly. It is in first grade that kids pick up a boat-load of new words.

Spelling Reform - Spelling Quizzes

Weak spelling is not a problem only ESL students face. Even native English speakers have trouble with spelling.

The best way to improve your spelling is with the help of regular vocabulary and spelling quizzes.

Spelling quizzes of course, quiz you on your spelling abilities. However in the case of vocabulary quizzes, you get to learn the meaning of new words, and consequently their spelling.

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