Daegu in Korea

(Daegu, Korea)

Daegu in Korea

Daegu in Korea/ ASAP


ESL4KOREA, the leading professional recruiting agency in Korea as well as legally licensed recruiting agency by Korean Gov’t, is now seeking for ESL teachers.
We are very pleased to provide you with a great teaching position as follows;

Location: Daegu in Korea
Beginning date : ASAP
Salary : 2.1 to 2.2 million KRW a month based on your teaching experience
Overtime payment : around 20,000KRW
the age of studentst : Kindergarten and Elementary school students
Teaching hours a week : 30 hours
Working days: Mon. to Fri.
Working hours: 9:40p.m to 6:0p.m or 7:00pm
Number of currently working foreign instructors in this institute: 1
Contract Completion bonus: One month salary
Paid Leave: 10days
Accomodation: Single housing
Free round trip airfare offered
Medical insurance: 50% covered by employer


1. Must be a citizen of one of these seven countries: Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa.
2. Must have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline.
3. Must have no criminal record.
4. Must love teaching children.

Required Documents for E2 visa:

1. Criminal Background Record with Apostille
2. A copy of the degree with Apostille
3. Applicant’s signed Health Statement
4. Passport has at least one year of validity left
5. 5 passport-sized photos

What you should know:

This is a one-year contract job and renewable

How to apply:

Fill out online application form at this address,
email it to this address, info@esl4korea.com with resume, scanned your pircture

Attach your resume as a .doc file and photos as a .jpg . This is essential
When you apply for, please fill this out and email me resume and photo along with this questions.

1. Name(First Middle Last)
2. Date of birth
3. Citizenship
4. Contact number
5. Available time to call you
6. Availability(when can you start to teach in Korea?)
7. Do you have visa or all documents to get E2 visa?
•university Diploma with apostille http://www.apostilleinfo.com/
•4 passport size Photos
•A Photocopy of the front pages of your passport (pages with photo & signature)
•Police background check with Apostille
8. Preferred location (Please be flexible to increase chances to get a good teaching position)
9. Preferred age group
11. Preferred teaching schedule (i.e day shift)
12. Education (Universities attended/Certificates awarded)
13. Experience (Teaching and relevant experience)
14. Where are you now?
15. How did you hear about us?
16. Self introduction
- Brief self-intro
- what are the most important factors for you regarding your job?
(schedule, location, age level, working environment, etc.)

Thank you for your precious time.


Tel. +82-2-364-0595 or 0591
Fax. +82-2-364-0592
E-mail: info@esl4korea.com

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