Earthquake Safety

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety, is a concern of all of us living in Japan,especially right now.

During an Earthquake:

-Don`t panic! Panicking gets people killed.

-put a backpack or sports bag, briefcase over your head if you have one, or crawl under a table.
(people are often killed by falling objects)

-Do not run out of a room unless you think the building will be destroyed.

-If someone can get to a door, make sure a door is open. They can become stuck after an earthquake.

Footage of the Tsunami that Hit Tohoku

-After the shaking stops, get to a safe area, as there will be after shocks and many of them will be very strong! Sports grounds are often safe.

-Unplug any equipment if you feel you have time.

-After an earthquake do not use elevators.

-Your cell phone will not work for hours after a large quake, everyone is trying to use their cell phone at the same time. Try to find a landline. You can often find them in hotel lobbies and there are still a few on the city streets.

-If you are near the ocean, try to get away to higher ground, a tsunami could be coming within
minutes. If there is no higher ground, try for the upper floors of very strong buildings or a parkade. These tend to survive tsunamis.

Earthquake Safety - Some Preparations for Earthquakes

Make sure you have enough fresh water on hand for three

-stock up on batteries, candles and get a flashlight

- have enough warm blankets and a transistor radio

-stay calm, the media will try to scare you as much as possible - it sells more advertising, try to sort through the hype -wikipedia is a great source for safety information
on such things as nuclear meltdowns and such - no hype!

-most people survive the major disasters, chances are
your missing friend is safe.

-Need to contact a loved one? Contact the embassy of your friend, they will have the most up to date info or know where to find it.

~Don`t fall for the hype of the news media or get into the paranoia of some of the people around you.

We`re all scared but staying positive is really,
really important during a major disaster.

Don`t fall for the endless Japan Earthquake rumors that will undoubtedly circulate after any major disaster.
Keep your wits about you, so your loved ones can keep theirs too!

You will get through it. My family and I did!

More on Earthquake Safety:

Check the FEMA Site-


Earthquake Safety - Check the Radiation Level for your Prefecture Now

Microsievert Site

It is a graphic so it give us lay people a better idea of whether we should head for the hills, or not?

Check your Radiation Level now

It is not up to the minute is my understanding, but it is up to the day, so is pretty accurate.

Earthquake Safety

Chances of big quake below Tokyo rising

(The Yomiuri Shimbun)

The possibility of a huge plate-boundary earthquake amplified by simultaneous moves in two or more focal areas beneath Tokyo has been increasing since the Great East Japan Earthquake, according to the University of Tokyo's Earthquake Research Institute.

The institute said that since the March 11 disaster, pressure on the tectonic plates beneath the city has changed and two or more focal areas may move simultaneously, resulting in a massive quake.

The institute intends to continue monitoring and assess the possibility of a huge earthquake.

The tectonic makeup of Tokyo and surrounding areas is complicated, with two ocean plates subducting below a land plate on which the Japanese archipelago is located.

There have been many earthquakes in this area, as both plate-boundary quakes, which are caused by friction between the plates, and inland quakes, which are caused by faults in the plates, can occur.

The average number of quakes measured at magnitude 3 or more in the five years preceding the March 11 disaster was about eight a month.

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