EDC Private Tutoring, Hong Kong

by EDC
(Hong Kong)

EDC Private Tutoring, Hong Kong

Contract time: Any time
Position: Language lessons or any academic subjects
Teaching Tasks: Private Tutoring, lessons at home or office in Hong Kong
Class size: Normally one to one

We are one of the leading language centres in Hong Kong. Due to the requests
from students who may like to hire private tutors studying at home or offices,
as this is not our main service area. We have developed this page on FACEBOOK,
hope to assist them to find the right tutors with the reasonable rate.

We are here, sending an email to you, if you are interested, please join us in
the facebook page and register. We will post students requests on the page. If
interest, leave a message and we will contact you and provide further
information to you.

When register, please provide as many information as possible and we will
prioritize who we will contact them first based on the information you provide.

Please give us at least the following information:

1. Your name

2. What subject you want to teach

3. Female / male

4. Photo

5. Age

6. Availability to teach

7. Preferred locations to teach

8. Expected hourly rate

9. Other, to tell me why I should hire you.



Ted Lui
TedLui-UV Feb10-out

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