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"Yearbook photos are taken during a cruel time in our lives, when that single thing you`re known for is enough to summarize you completely. Leafing through mine I see The Girl Who Attempted Suicide, The Klepto, The Puke King, The Smart-Ass (me)."

--Pinepoint, the interactive documentary

Materials for Debate: Learn how to run debates in your English classes.

Better Writing Tips
Easy-to-follow tips on correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, plus how to write letters, CVs and resumes. Clear examples you can use for teaching adults, including advanced and business English students.

Better Writing Tips

See our photo gallery of life in Japan

Learn Japanese Language with Free Lessons

One personal experiences on how to learn Japanese language. Learn how to speak and write Japanese online with free lessons. Increase your Japanese words, phrases and vocabulary.

Learn Japanese Adventure

ETJ: English Teachers Japan

ETJ holds conferences and meetings throughout Japan on English teaching. As well you can join for free. There are many yahoo groups and you can discuss teaching English as well as learn new activities for your classes there. These groups are a big help if you happen to be teaching in an isolated area of Japan without access to other teachers to brainstorm ideas with. They are of huge benefit anyway, as you can exchange ideas with teachers all over Japan.

ETJ: English Teachers Japan

Michigan Proficiency

Get expert help for the Michigan Proficiency Exams here

Expert advice and online help for those who want to pass the ECPE, MELICET, MELAB and MTELP exams. Practice tests, FREE e-book plus everything needed for Michigan Proficiency self-study success.


Get expert help for the Michigan Proficiency Exams here.

Learn Norwegian easy

The "Norwegian language" is easy to learn for those who are interested in learning foreign languages and getting to know our culture.

Discover more about Norwegian languages

Storm the Castle - Creative projects for creative minds - Dioramas, terrariums, paper mache, downloadable projects, Catapults, and much more.

Mark's ESL World Jobs

Visit Mark`s ESL
ESL Teachers Board

ESL Teachers Board: Free teaching materials, ESL jobs and resumes.

American Story Site

When the United States Constitution was formed ten amendments were added at the start. These are collectively the Bill of Rights. Ever since the Bill of Rights was drafted in the late eighteenth century they have stood the test of time...

Yahoo Groups for Schools & Education (in Japan)

Join Yahoo Groups and then join some of the groups about schools and education in Japan--worth it!

Learn more about schools and education in Japan.

Yahoo Groups: English as a Second Language

Join some of these Yahoo Groups too!

Yahoo`s ESL Groups

If you are looking for the coolest fun games for kids, teens and adults, take a look at this game web site... where you can find out about board, card, dice and video games. Whether you want to buy games, find game rules, read about games or tell us about the games you like to play, visit us at where you can do all that and more.

A site for children - Math-Problem

This site is for people who want to learn maths in a fun,friendly and easy way.Various techniques with examples and worksheets,a math forum for users to ask and answer questions.A fun corner for light hearted math jokes and tricks are present. Tutors can also advertise here to reach needy students.

Education Resources - Educate Kidz

"I am a wife, a mother of two girls and a teacher at heart - and I am passionate about educating kids of all ages. I've created a website that goes into detail I hope you'll enjoy taking a look at:"

Take a look at Educate Kidz


Features TEFL tips, jobs, and stories Visit the site.

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