EF English First, where in China do you want to teach?

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EF English First - Where in China do you want to teach English? You choose. (12,350 RMB/month)

EF English First gives you choice. Choose what you want to do and where. Choose a path and change lives--including yours.

4 Big Choices
As the largest private education company in the world, EF English First has opportunities that fit all kinds of personalities and strengths.

1. EF Kids & Teens: Play games, sing songs, and teach English at the same time. At EF Kids & Teens you'll help lay the foundation for your students' futures.

2. EF Mini-Centers: Take center stage and teach adults at an EF Mini-Center. EF Mini-Centers focus on having students use English in real-world settings and allow

you lots of freedom to create your own lesson materials and come up with fun field trip ideas for your adult learners.

3. EF Smart Schools: If you have a background in a professional field and want to make the switch to teaching, EF Smart Schools could be for you. Teach English to

professionals to help them climb the corporate ladder.

4. Englishtown Online Teacher: Love teaching and technology? Want to connect with people across the globe? As an Englishtown online teacher, you'll use the

internet to connect with your students from all over the world.

4 Big Cities
EF English First has learning centers across China. Here are some cities with current openings.

1. Beijing: The cultural heart of China. Art, music, history--they're all in Beijing.

2. Guangzhou: The 3rd largest city in China rests along the Pearl River. A bustling trading port, Guangzhou is less than two hours away from Hong Kong.

3. Shanghai: Once a fishing town, now China's financial hub. Also the home of EF's headquarters.

4. Shenzhen: A center of economic prosperity. A crossroads of Chinese culture. A microcosm of the modern experience in China.

1 Big Team
As the world's largest private education company EF English First lets you choose what role you want to play on our team. We'll support you in your development and

provide you with the tools to succeed.

Make your choice now. Copy and paste the link to apply: http://tinyurl.com/LinkedInNov2011

Your qualifications:
-Bachelor�s degree
-Native English speaker
-1+ year teaching experience (ESL experience preferable)
-Passport from English-speaking country (due to Chinese work visa requirements, we are required to employ candidates aged between 24 and 55 years)

The package:
-Competitive salary (12,350 RMB per month)
-10,000 RMB salary advance available
-Paid annual leave (10 days in first contract year and national holidays)
-Sponsored Z work visa
-Round-trip airfare allowance (up to 8,000 RMB)
-Health insurance
-Free Mandarin Chinese lessons
-Arrival support (airport pick-up, 2 free weeks of hotel accommodation)
-On-going professional development and training

Join the leading TEFL team in China: http://tinyurl.com/LinkedInNov2011

Application Form:

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