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EFL Books: Read or add your review of English textbooks or teacher`s resource books. What kind of books do you like? Which have been effective for your students while teaching English in Japan?

If you teach in Japan don`t forget there are some great Ebooks for English teaching too. Many of them are free or reasonably priced. Check out some of our recommendations


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David Martin is a publisher of textbooks or English learning, and is concerned about the teaching profession in Japan. Check out the philosophy behind his books and the methods he likes to employ as an English as a foreign language Teacher.

Who is your Favourite EFL Author?

Some of my favourite EFL authors are Jack C. Richards, David Paul, and one of the contributors to our website, David Martin to name a few. David Paul for his quirkiness and humour, and great books that teach children to read, and make learning English fun. David Martin for his creative take on English teaching. Jack C. Richards because his textbooks are very solid. You can build a course around his books. The core of the adult classes at Kevin`s English Schools used Richard`s Interchange textbooks.

Matsuka Phonics

If you live and teach in Japan, be sure to check out the Matsuka Phonics books. Yoko Matsuka studied in America along with her children. She was amazed at how they learned English and incorporated this phonics learning method into the textbooks she sells, and that are so popular in Japan, especially amongst Japanese teachers of English here.

"We established the mpi method to teach English in English as a communication tool to children, adopting the Phonics learning method (rules of relationships between pronunciation and spelling) suited to Japanese people, thereby hoping to raise English-speaking kids who can get by in the world by the time they are 15 years old."

Teach phonics with MPI

Have a favorite Book for teaching or a book your students enjoy as a textbook?

Tell us about it! Scroll down the page to read the reviews by others too. You can also rate books that have already been reviewed by clicking on the comment button and adding a star rating and if you like, your own comments.

What`s your favorite textbook?

Review your favorite textbook. Why do you like it?
What kind of students do you use it with? Who publishes it?

Textbook Authors: you can tell us about your book.
Who is it suitable for?

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By David Paul is the text I often use. Plenty of useful practice, not overly boring and easy to expand upon. As a textbook it does the job fairly well. …

Potato Pals Not rated yet
Best book hands down for young children (3-9).

Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners Not rated yet
"Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners" by Jane Hill and Cynthia Bjork, is is one of many EFL books I use in my regular classroom. …

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