Eikaiwa School: Teaching English in Japan

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The Forums about Teaching English in Japan are Too Negative

What does Eikaiwa School Mean?

Eikaiwa School means English School. Eikaiwa is Japanese for English conversation. Most of the schools that you will be interested in working for in Japan to start with anyway, are English conversation schools. There are other options as we outline at this site, but by and large it will probably be an English conversation school that you first teach for.

I worked for four different English conversation schools before starting Kevin`s English School. At ECC I worked for four different branches in Kanto. All the schools and branches of course had a different manager.

There was not one school that would cause me to rant about how terrible English schools in Japan are. In fact, overall ECC was pretty good. Was I just lucky? I don`t think so. I think the situation of working for an English school is generally good, if you are the right person for the job.

If you teach in Japan, doesn`t it bother you if you hear a teacher say, I am just teaching English until I get a real job?

It bothers me.

Teaching at an Eikaiwa School is a Good Job

Maybe it isn`t a lifelong career but it is a good job and it can lead to other great work as well. I now teach English at a university in Japan and I taught at Keio as well.

Teaching at a large or small English school in Japan can lead to other jobs once you get a few years of experience. It is a great stepping stone!

Many English School teachers in Japan go on to teach English at universities here.

Indeed, teaching English in Japan is a real job, and if you feel otherwise, maybe it is time to find another line of work. You don`t have to teach in Japan. There are many English teachers who would love to have your job. So quit if you do not like it, or find a way to enjoy what you are doing!

Or find a school that suits you if you feel that your employer is the problem, but please spare us the rants at some of the forums on teaching English in Japan.

Maybe you don`t want to teach English for more than a few years, nevertheless it is a real job and a valuable contribution to the Japanese people if you put your heart into it.

Many people make education a career, and teaching at an English school in Japan is often the start to that career choice.

(Photo: Cherry blossoms along the river by Richard Baladad)

(Picture: of a Japanese city by Richard Baladad)

Where else can you get good information about English schools and teaching in Japan?

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Pictured below: Kevin`s Eikaiwa School near Daiyuzan Station at night (photo by Chris Zanella)

Pictured, Kevin`s English School (Anne) at night.

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