English Grammar Book

English Grammar Book - Good grammar books for students and teachers.

by Lyanne Smyth

A good grammar book is a must have not only for students but for teachers as well. There are numerous grammar books on the market, it is therefore important that you choose if not the best, the good ones worth their price. Do not be fooled by the catchy covers, instead look inside to check if indeed it is a book worth buying.

How then do we define a good English grammar book? A good grammar book should contain comprehensive and easy to understand explanations of grammar rules. It should likewise provide examples and answers to common grammar questions and of course a good grammar book is not complete without exercises and activities for grammar skills development.

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Let me mention a few good grammar books:

Grammar Smart: A guide to perfect usage

- This book contains grammar quizzes and can serve as a SAT preparation guide. It is a comprehensive guide on the different parts of speech, sentence construction and some tips on how to avoid grammar mistakes.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation-

- Written by Jane Straus, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is one the most practical grammar book to use, as it is detailed, specific and straight to the point. It has loads of grammar rules, quizzes and examples. Puntuation rules and effective writing are also discussed in this book.

The Good Grammar Book

- By Michael Swan and Catherine Walter.

The book provides contextualized examples teaches all the necessary grammar rules for Speaking and writing in English. This may also be use for grammar practice for elementary and lower intermediate students since it has plenty of pre-tests and review tests.

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

- A good resource for someone who wants to produce grammatically excellent and easy to understand articles. This 192 pages written by Susan Thurman book provides guidelines for: •Understanding the parts of speech and elements of a sentence •Avoiding the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes •Using correct punctuating in every sentence •Writing clearly and directly •Approaching writing projects, whether big or small.

Painless Grammar

- With its funny illustration, painless grammar is such a pleasant surprise to those who think grammar books are boring. Painless Grammar is all about basic grammar rules, the simplicity of this book makes it practical and beneficial to English learners. This grammar book was designed for children ages 9-12.

Longman's Grammar of Spoken and Written English

- A very comprehensive book that explains grammar rules in detail and provides straightforward answers to common grammar questions.

Grammatically Correct

- Grammatically Correct by Anne Stillman is a definitive guide for writers, editors, teachers and advanced students. The book is mostly about punctuation usage. It also deals with basic spelling and grammar and style.

English Grammar for Dummies

- This grammar book provides you with fun and easy strategies when facing a a grammar related dilemma. In its content are topics on verbs, adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and many other topics in the grammar field. A very easy to use book.

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