English Grammar Exercises

English Grammar Exercises - What is grammar?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states:

It is "the study of the classes of words, their inflections, and their functions and relations in the sentence...a system of rules that defines the grammatical structure of a language." (merriam-webster.com)

English teachers tend to emphasize prescriptive grammar which is the norms of speech as given by respected sources. Teachers then use these sources to judge if a person`s grammar is correct or incorrect.

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Common Grammar Questions and Answers

Is grammar really important in learning the English language? Well, the answer is yes. Grammar is what connects the language together. It is the way a language is formatted or a sentence is structured.

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Incorrect grammar sentences often convey a different meaning than what the speaker or writer really wants to say. To learn the English language one must start with a good grammar foundation or knowledge. No one becomes a good writer or a good speaker without knowledge of correct sentence structure or in short;

correct grammar.

English Grammar for Kids

My 1979 edition of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style reigns over my workspace from its place of honor on my bookshelf. It's a slim volume because, like all good writing, the needless words have been omitted. The original, written as a college textbook in 1918 by Professor William Strunk, Jr., is available at Bartleby.com. The following recommendations bring the study of grammar into the Internet age with their use of email, forums, and the Web.

English Grammar Book - Good grammar books for students and teachers.

A good grammar book is a must have not only for students but for teachers as well. There are numerous grammar books on the market, it is therefore important that you choose if not the best, the good ones worth their price. Do not be fooled by the catchy covers, instead look inside to check if indeed it is a grammar book worth buying.

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