English Grammar Lessons

English Grammar Lessons - basic English is not difficult, or shouldn`t be. It is just a case of learning some basic rules of this language, this system for communication, we call English.

Easy English Grammar - Basic English is not Difficult

by Neha Smyth

The most important thing that one must know to learn a language is grammar. So it is in the case of learning English language. Grammar is the backbone of a language. Everyone can learn correct usage of English language easily. There are a few basic norms of grammar that one needs to go through in order to write correct English.

Check out this grammar lesson on confusing


(Pictured: Oranges growing at the side of the road in Minamiashigara City. I love the oranges of Japan. Japanese call them "mikan.")

English Grammar for Kids

It is not that easy teaching English grammar for kids as it has many nuances the child has to learn, and the kids find learning all these rules rather boring. So here are some tips to help you teach kids English grammar.

Story Grammar & the Joy of Reading

As a child I never wanted to read. I remember the day though when I was around 7 and I had read my first book. It was a very colorful book with some of those 3D style pictures that change shape if you look at them from different angles. It was a beautiful book, with not so many words. But I was very proud of myself that I could read the whole thing.

Advice on Spoken English Grammar for ESL Students

ESL students find it rather difficult speaking English because of English grammar. This is rather common in people who learn English as a second language; so ESL students should not lose hope. It is only with courage and determination, and with the following advice that it is possible to cross the hurdles to learning spoken English.

Grammar Bank has many free Grammar Lessons Online

Grammar knowledge is among the essentials in learning a language. Online English grammar lessons are very convenient to learn and will help you excel in grammar rules and become confident in using the language. Choosing between good and well for example, much and many, may or must, are just some of the lessons on offer at

Grammar Bank.

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