English Grammar Quiz Reviews

English Grammar Quiz Reviews: some good quizzes for your students

What is the importance of good grammar?

Obviously the most important reason why we need good grammar is for the sake of clarity, smooth communication and professionalism.

by Lyanne Jacobson

Moreover, having good grammar is important in many ways. It is a proven fact that employers prefer employees with good English communication skills, this explains why people whose first language is not English spend time, effort and money to be able to use the English language fluently.

Needless to say that having good grammar gives you an advantage in life. Having said all of this, it is then an important achievement to improve your grammar skills. There are numerous ways to improve your grammar skills. Let me cite some effective ways:

English Grammar Quiz Advice:

1. Use the language as often as possible:

=> Speak English when you have the chance to, Spend some time with someone who communicates well and has good grammar. Japanese are often shy to speak to one another in English, however pretend you are from another country for the day, go out together and speak English together all day.

2. Write more often:

=> Practice your grammar skills by writing every day, a journal or a diary maybe?

3. Take grammar classes:

=> Enroll in an English class where you will have grammar classes and reviews. Most classes at a language school (eikaiwa) include a textbook with grammar points in every unit, for example.

4. Watch English movies and Listen to English news or radio programs:

=> Watch English movies and listen to current events or radio programs. By doing this you can enhance your not only your speaking skills but your listening skills.

5. Read English books:

=> In your busy schedule, having time to read will not only help you unwind from all the day's stress, but will improve your grammar, vocabulary and even your spelling skills.

6. Find some grammar exercises:

=> Here are some good grammar quizzes for your students:

A. Grammar Placement Test

A grammar based test, consisting of four parts: Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and advanced level allows you to obtain an approximate rating of your English language skills.

The test is given in the order mentioned (Elementary-Advanced); each test will require a certain score so you can proceed to the next level.

B. English Grammar Tests

=> The site contains several grammar tests, almost in all fields of grammar such as tenses, clauses and gerunds.

C. Grammar Blast

=> Truly a blast! Grammar Blast has grammar tests for grade 6-8 with. The tests are categorized according to their subjects such as; sentence, nouns, verbs, modifiers, punctuations, pronouns and so on... Each grade level has a super challenge quiz, which is a combination of all topics in just one quiz.

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