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What`s it like to teach at English Schools in Japan?

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As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have taught at various English schools around Japan. If you want to teach in Japan I encourage you to read, read, read! You really cannot read too much about what it is like to teach here or live in this still pretty closed society.


Teaching English in Japan at a large chain school called ECC was helpful in many ways. One of them was the training they provided.

I had, had very little previous experience, so getting some training for two weeks at the head office and over several weeks at Nunoike in Nagoya, was of great help. We would periodically get more training at both of the above schools too.

The training at a small, family owned school in Aichi consisted mostly of a few days of class observations and some reading.

Perhaps the best training other than on the job experience, was access to teachers at all of the above schools, who were willing to answer the hundreds of questions I had.

At Kevin`s English Schools, new teachers are trained for two weeks, regardless of previous experience and training. This mostly consists of class observations and some reading--especially the teacher`s book for the Finding Out series by David Paul. We use Finding Out for about half of our children`s classes and all of our beginners kids classes.

Learn about some of the associations for teachers you can join and learn more about what it is like to teach in Japan.

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