English Lesson Kids

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

English lesson kid, Rick Eismann talks about Japan and some of his best experiences.

We interviewed the English lesson kid, Rick Eismann. Eismann though in his 40s is a big kid himself. He has been teaching English in Japan for a number of years and shares some of his thoughts on living in Japan and teaching children English.

What are some of the highs and lows of living in Japan?

The highs of living of Japan are experiencing some things of Japanese culture that can only be experienced first hand here which can also have it's lows. I you don't speak at least basic Japanese and read some Kanji, Katakana, or Hiragana it's tough to get by here.

What kind of communities did you live in, while in Japan? What were they like?

Although I work in Tokyo, I live in the suburbs/country side of Japan and have most of my time here. I really like the suburban area of Japan because it's a slower pace of life away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

What sort of challenges did you have to overcome while living in Japan?

The cultural differences are still something that is hard to deal with for me but there are a lot more things I understand now that I didn't before. One of the main things that is still difficult for me is the Japanese language. I should be able to speak better Japanese. I'm still trying to get better.

What were some of you interesting or positive experiences while in Japan?

One of the most positive things I have experienced here is teaching kids in the elementary schools.

Is daily life easier in Japan or in your country?

When I first got here it wasn't so easy but the longer I got acclimated it got easier. Now I'm almost comfortable here as if I was living life back in California sans the junk food.

What should people bring from home before going to Japan?

Bring meds, vitamins and or supplements that you use regularly because they are most likely not sold in Japan. An English/Japanese electronic dictionary or a small pocket sized English/Japanese dictionary.

Other Things you should bring to Japan

You may need to bring large sized shoes if you have big feet and some other things you might want are...

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