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English School Japan, if you want to teach in Japan, be sure to check all of our lists at the Greenlist (on the left of our navbar). Teaching English in Japan can be a great endeavor if you know what you are looking for. Hopefully our lists of good schools in Japan will help you get a feel for each school, and what it might be like to teach there.

(Photo: The Tsukahara Branch of Kevin`s English School in Minami Ashigara City, Kanagawa.)

For B English School in Yokohama

For B English School is near Ichigao station on the Denentoshi line. Naoyuki Bamba is a great boss, and the style of the school is quite relaxed, which is nice. For B teaches junior high and up. A lot of business people, and retired business people study here. For B prides itself on giving back to students. One way it does this is by offering free educational videos on YouTube for studying English.

"ForB English is a school mainly for business people in Ichigao, Yokohama. The schedule and the contents are designed to meet the needs of working people, so the opening hours are different from other schools, and the contents have to be attractive to businessmen and women. So we provide not only courses based on textbooks but also original developed lessons."

--Naoyuki Bamba, Owner of For B

We are seeking applicants who are entrepreneurial and want to grow the school with us.

English School Japan - GREGG International School

"Our programs designed for children aged 2 to 12 aim to instill an immeasurable joy of learning and inquiry, nurtured by qualified faculty who recognize and respect their children’s personally held views and thoughts..." Read more about this Tokyo international school.

Stay in a Canadian House near Hakone!

10 minutes walk away are beautiful views of Mount Fuji, and 5 minutes by car is Only Yu Hotspring!

Plus, the price! You will have money left over for a nice dinner! Why pay high prices for a boring hotel room?

Near Hot Spring and Fuji Views

Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Stay in Canada while staying in a REAL Japanese town! 2 single beds . First ten bookings get one free ticket for Only Yu hot spring! This house was imported from Canada and built in Minamiashigaras...

Heart English School

Heart Co. is currently looking for energetic candidates with enthusiasm for teaching to fill our positions.


Available teaching locations are spread throughout city and country, in the Kanto region (which includes the prefectures of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba, Saitama, and Gunma, and the Tokyo area), the Tohoku region (Miyagi and Iwate) and Hokkaido.

Pay and Benefits:

Heart Corporation offers our teachers: Proper Visa sponsorship from within Japan and abroad. Permission to find additional work, within the specifications of your Visa. Comprehensive training before teaching. Company-arranged apartments. (Optional). Possibility of using a company car. An annual pay increase for every Semi-Full Time Employee who remains with the Company for 12 months.


Native-level English usage and a BA/BS degree/its equivalent or higher.

Contact Information:

To apply at Heart School, please use our online form at:

Visit this link for more information

Tel:81-29-226-8010 Fax: 81-29-233-3455

E-mail: info at heart-school.jp

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Everyone Knows of Some Great Places to Teach in Japan

Dave Johnson wants to know about your favorite English School!

Just like Santa, "Cowboy Dave," is making a list (of good English schools in Japan) and checking it twice. Tell him what you know about good places to teach in Japan. Maybe he`ll let you pet his horse.

English School Japan -- Hearts English School


2146-3 Shido, Shido-cho Okawa-gun, Kagawa Pref. 769-2101

Email: mail@e-hearts.co.jp

Visit their Homepage for more information

BA preferred

One year contract, 25 hrs/wk,

Salary: 250,000/Mth

Contact: Director

The Myth of the Magical Teacher, Part 1

English School Japan -- International Schools in Japan

International Preschool in Ikebukuro - Hello Kids Myogadani

Hello Kids Myogadani are an International English Preschool located in Myogadani, 10 minutes from Ikebukuro. Focussing on English and living skills development, we help children between 1.5 yrs and 10yrs achieve their very best within a positive, encouraging environment. With a program to assist our students enter some of the leading International Elementary schools in Tokyo, we pride ourselves on quality and caring, in a fully supportive setting.

Contact Information:

Greg Selfe

5-36-2 Miyamoto Blog 1F Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Email: hello-kids-myogadani@chime.ocn.ne.jp

Tel. 0358425811

Fax 0358425812

Hello Kids Myogadani Homepage

List of International Schools in Japan

This is a huge list of international schools throughout Japan. Working at an international school can be very interesting, as of course you will be teaching children from many different backgrounds, and may have the opportunity to teach some different subjects.

International Schools in Japan

English School Japan -- JAL Academy

I have never heard a bad report on JAL Academy. Check them out and see what you think. I have also known many teachers trying to get on with them. Both of these points must tell you something.

Hey wait a minute!

Come to think of it, all of the teachers trying to get a job with JAL Academy (that I knew) were young single men?

Moreover, JAL Academy is full of young single future flight attendants. Mmmmh.....let`s put 2 and 2 together and let`s see. Young single men and young single flight attendants....

For the life of me, I can`t think of why they`d want to teach there? I guess all those cold Canadian winters have taken their toll on moi.

Seriously though:

JAL Academy has positions for experienced or entry level Business English teachers in the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas. Full time, part time, and guaranteed evening hours contracts are available.

For salary they offer a competitive hourly rate.

Send resume and cover letter to: recruit@jaca.jp or fax them to 03-5412-2575 (0822)

Address: JAL Academy 2-15-7 Sendagaya Tokyo 151-0051

Visit their Homepage for more information

English School Japan Photo: Izu`s Saddleback restaurant (by Sandra Isaka) You may be surprised at the mix of Western and Japanese architecture in Japan.

English School Japan -- James English Schools

James is a chain of English schools in Northern Japan. They have been in business since 1976. Here are some teacher testimonials from their website:

Visit their Homepage for more information

"As mentioned earlier, teachers at James tend to stay longer (3 years typically) and get more out of their time here than at many of the larger English Schools.

Here are a few letters from teachers past and present to give you an idea of what makes teaching at James such a positive experience.

I’m from Burlington, Ontario. I’ve been at James for over 16 months now. The experience I’ve gained, both professionally and socially, has been invaluable. Coming halfway across the world and immersing yourself in a new culture is a great catalyst for personal growth. I’ve met some excellent people here, eaten foods that would have made me cringe back in Canada, and gone on some amazing adventures. My world view has definitely widened. - Mike Ring

I've been with James for 3 years. I have made so many good friends. The teaching is professionally and personally rewarding, and there is always something new and interesting to do in my free time. Northern Japan is beautiful and James is a great place to work.

- Melissa Serena" --from the James English Schools website

English School Japan -- Summary:

James seems like a good place to work. I have never taught there myself though. I can`t recall ever reading anything negative about working for James.

James has been in business since 1976, and this also shows it is a very solid company. I think being a smaller school, you will be treated better than at some of the larger schools. The negative reports about English schools are usually about the big schools.

English School Japan -- Kaplan

Kaplan is the largest and most prolific school of educational and career services in the United States. Specializing in education, Kaplan is a member of outstanding Washington Post Group. Both Kaplan and its sister company, News Week receive high accolades all around the world.

The following programs are currently offered in Japan:

Tests preparation for American high school, college, law school, graduate school, business school, MBA, and other preparation courses:


Medical Study Abroad Preparation-USMLE・NCLEX

Intensive English programs for Business English, General English ability, and Vocabulary

--from Kaplan`s Website

To learn more about them, check out their link below:

Visit their Homepage for more information

English School Japan -- Keio SFC

English School Japan Photo: of the Keio Campus by Richard Baladad

English School Japan -- Keio SFC Jr/Sr High School in Fujisawa, Kanagawa

They offer part-time and full-time positions for English instructors.

Keio SFC is a private junior/senior high school right across from the Keio University Campus in Fujisawa, Kanagawa. It is actually part of the Keio University campus so you have access to the Keio University Library and can go onto the university campus if employed at the high school.

English School Japan Photo: of Keio by Richard Baladad

The grounds are beautiful and so is the architecture. There is even a Subway restaurant on campus! Mmmmh! I love Subway. Just a sec, gotta make a snack!

I`m back!

Learn more about Keio SFC and her beautiful campus!

English School Japan -- Kensington English School


5F Hakurei Building,

7-13 Kandamachi,

500-8833 Gifu City

Gifu Pref.

Email: michael.cook at kensingtonjapan.com

Tel: 582-64-5733

Visit this link for more information

English School Japan -- Kent School of English


Shoppers` Plaza 706,

1-4-1 Irfune,

Urayasu-shi, Chiba Pref.,


Tel/Fax: 47-353-8708

Email: kentjapan at aol.com

Call, Fax or Email them for more information.

One year contract, 23 contact hours per week, 6 weeks paid holiday

Salary: 260,000/mth plus Outward flight

*Offering a flight of any kind is very rare!

English School Japan -- Kevin`s English House

Run by a Fine Canadian

And I thought I was the only Canuck with an English school in Japan called Kevin`s!

Kevin`s English House is in Takamatsu another nice part of Japan.

A family run school in Takamatsu. Seems to care about their students and teachers.

Sometimes small is better I always say. I do think with a small, family run school you will have more freedom, more input, and you will be more valued by your employer. Afterall you are a bigger part of the business than if you work for a large chain.

Pictured above, Kevin`s English School in Minamiashigara City (Iizawa area - near Daiyuzan Temple)

Kevin`s English Schools

Owned by the author/editor of this very website. I doubt we will need any fulltime teachers in the near future. However if you live in Odawara, Minamiashigara City, Kaisei, Matsuda or Oimachi, let us know if you would be interested in part-time teaching work. We have usually only hired native English teachers, however we might hire a non-native with very good English skills.

Kevin`s English Schools is in Kanagawa, near the Izu Penninsula. One of our schools is just down the street from the very famous Daiuzan (Saijoji) Temple, near Daiyuzan Station (Daiyuzan Line).

Pictured above, a Map of Kevin`s English Schools. Our Kamonomiya School will close in March, 2011.

Kokusai Gaigo Gakuin

Is located just in front of Fujisawa Station (Tokaido Line) in beautiful Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Fujisawa is one of Japan`s nicer mid-sized cities, boasting a fairly cosmopolitan population and choice of restaurants relative to its` size. Plus Fujisawa is close to the nice beaches of Shonan.

While KGG is a good school, the building is old. If you can see past that, it seems like a good place to work. I study French there, and they offer Italian, English, Spanish, French and Chinese classes. So if you can teach any of the above, you might be interested in applying for part-time work if you live in Fujisawa or can commute there. My teacher commutes to KGG by train from Tokyo.

Tel. 0466-26-9911

Kokusai Gaigo Gakuen Job Information


資格  短大卒以上 英検準1級以上又はTOEIC850点以上

対象  小学生及び中学生への英会話・英文法

勤務  10月から、平日週2日(16:15~20:15の間)

時給  ¥2,100 交通費全額支給

応募  履歴書をメール又は郵送  書類選考後、面接日を通知致します。

E-mail : kgc@maple.ocn.ne.jp  or  Fax : 0466-26-0226

Kokusai Gaigo Center Homepage


is looking for qualified and motivated English Instructors to teach adults. Teachers will have classes at the clients’ offices in central and southern part of Nagano prefecture, blessed with abundant natural beauty.

-Part-time and/or full time positions are available.

-Full Time: Maximum of 25 teaching hours + some office work per week

Basically 5 days a week, except when clients make special requests.

-Pay & Benefits:

1) Min.2,500yen/hour for part-timers 2) 250,000yen/month and up for full-timers 3) Cash bonus of 50,000yen at one-year contract completion 4) Furnished private apartment provided at a reasonable rent or full support to look for an appropriate apartment

-Requirements: 1) A bachelor’s degree and a perfect command of English, TESOL/CELTA an asset 2) A proper work visa. If you need sponsorship, 1-year commitment for full-time work agreement is required. 3) Japanese or International driver’s license 4) The persons currently living in Japan

-Holidays: Approximately 1-2 week(s) holidays in May and August, and Xmas-New year’s holidays

Fax your resume to: 0266-26-1845 your CV/resume with your photo and a cover letter.

Contact person is Ms. Harri Satake

English School Japan -- The Loft English School in Beautiful Niigata

Check out the Loft! Loft English School that is...

From the Loft`s Website:

How is the LOFT different from other Eikaiwas (Conversational English Schools)?

-Superior Experience, Superior Training.

LOFT staff are exceptionally experienced in working with both children and adults. Our head staff has been a professional children's educator/teacher/counselor/trainer for over 20 years, first in his work with the YMCA professionally and in both elementary, junior high schools, and high schools in California for 8 years prior to coming to Japan. He has been a professional English conversational teacher for over 10 years.

Visit Loft English School`s Homepage

Lollypop English School

Is owned by the energetic and charming Kazue Shimamoto. Kazue is the head teacher and manager of this school in the Tokyo area.

If you are interested in part-time work, she might have a position for the right person. At Lollypop they teach children to adults.

Email: kazuesh at hb.tp1.jp

Tel. 042-385-8062

English School Japan -- Marsha`s English House


4653-2 Katsuyama,


Yamanishi-ken, 410-0310

Tel/fax: 0555-20-3800

E-mail: msyairo@bea.hi-ho.ne.jp

English School Japan -- MIL The Language Center in Chiba Prefecture

"Why should you choose to work at MIL? Well, mainly, because we are probably one of the most professionally satisfying schools you will find. Our best teachers often choose to renew their contracts, some for up to 3 years. And, unlike many schools, MIL supports teaching couples, and sometimes even whole families. See if you can find that kind of commitment at any of the big chain schools! MIL is large enough to provide support for you as you adjust to your new life in Japan, yet small enough so you still feel like part of a community.

Here are a few examples of ways MIL supports our staff: We will...

* apply for and sponsor your Japanese working visa * help you at City Hall with Alien Registration and National Health insurance * help you get moved in and settled into your MIL-sponsored apartment * help you set up a bank account, and show you how to use the ATM * help you arrange for automated utility billing from your bank account * help you make appointments with a doctor or dentist when you need them * help you translate any Japanese mail you receive but can’t understand

We try to give new teachers as much support as we can, so you don’t have to worry so much about getting set up and established, and can concentrate more on the important work of being a great teacher!"--from the M.I.L. English School site

"Full-time, 23.5 teaching hours/week. 252-262,000yen/month. Two-thirds of students are children. Teaching location Chiba. Strong interpersonal skills and "good with children" required. "A teaching couple (both of whom would work for us) is welcome." Applicant NOT required to reside in Japan. Will sponsor or renew visa. Accommodation: "partially furnished apartments range from 50,000 to 60,000yen (rent) per month. School helps with set-up costs. A subsidy for cell phone purchase is provided." Paid holidays, completion bonus, paid vacation, and health insurance. One-year renewable contract. Apply by e-mail, fax or mail with CV/resume. Contact Teaching Coordinator. M.I.L. The Language Center. 3F Eguchi Bldg. 1-6-2 Katsutadai, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba 276-0023. Fax 047-485-7875. mailto:mil@air.ne.jp --from a M.I.L. Employment ad

Visit their Homepage

English School Japan, Pictured: The boardgame Apples to Apples. Some teachers rave about this game for use in English classes.

Myer Japan English school in Fukuoka

"I have been working for this school for three and a half years and have never had a real reason to quit or be angry. Of course there have been minor tiffs that one can expect to find at any job anywhere in the world, but nothing like the posts I see here about most schools.

I have 100% control over my classes and 100% control over the way I wish to teach them. All of my students are great and willing to learn. There was an instance in the past where one student was acting horrible and disrupting the class. I talked it over with my boss and we asked the student to leave our school. That, I believe, is a true testament to how good of a school Myer Japan is."--Scott Brady, posted this at the ESL Teachers Board

Here is Myer Japan`s Homepage so you can check it out yourself.

Visit Myer`s Homepage

Noah Learning Center

Theron Muller is the co-owner of Noah Learning Center


Hongo Station Bldg 2F

Miwa 3-15-9


26 380-0803


Contact Information:

Contact Theron Muller

Visit Mullers site to learn more about him.

Paul Eikaiwa

Paul Canosa of New York runs this school in Shizuoka.

At Paul Eikaiwa they teach kids to business people, and in a beautiful part of Japan as well. Visit Paul`s English School Homepage to learn more about this school.

St. Mary`s College

St. Mary`s College, Nagoya

1-12-23 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 461 Phone: 052-935-6113 Fax: 052-935-9140

Visit their Homepage

I taught for Nunoike and St. Mary`s years ago. The staff was great. The other teachers were too, and overall the students were a nice group. It was a nice place to teach. It was a great place to start. They spent two weeks training me and checked to make sure I was on track.

Check to make sure the salary you will be paid is competitive.

When I worked there, they taught children to adults and had a two year women`s college. Times change, so you will need to check up on what their program is like these days.

At the time I taught at Nunoike, the interior and grounds of the school were very nice.

There was also a cathedral next door, which added to the atmosphere. One of the priests from Canada was a hoot! Would crack one-liners in his priestly garb that would put most stand-up comics to shame. Maybe I will try that. Do comedy dressed as a priest. (I already do comedy dressed as a teacher!)

There were a few problems which I have outlined in previous articles, yet I recommend this school/college. Like many good institutions, they were willing to look at themselves, take criticism and use it to improve.

On an English school in Japan:

"I was going through the most recent issue of Ohayo Sensei to see which jobs might be of interest to my current students, and I came across your announcement. I am writing to congratulate you for your comment that teaching ei-kai-wa *IS* a real job. I taught in Japan for six years, two years at a university and then four years at a conversation school in Gunma-ken, and I know that teaching English conversation is a very serious endeavor. In fact, I was the guest editor for a special edition of JALT's The Language Teacher in which I presented material and ideas for teachers in conversation programs."

--a university professor in America

Why Taro can`t speak English

How to be an effective EFL teacher

Who should teach at an English school in Japan?

English school Japan: the situation for Americans wanting to work here.

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