English Speaking Hospitals in Osaka

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

English Speaking Hospitals in Osaka

Health Care in Japan - Osaka

Hospitals in Osaka City where English and other languages are spoken. Before seeking a medical examination, please confirm that the hospital or clinic you intend to visit has an appropriate department for treating your particular ailment. Also please confirm the counseling hours of the department and inquire whether services are still available in your language and if appointments are required.

AMDA International Medical Information Center, Osaka can advise you in English Tel: (06) 4395-0555

Call Japan Help Line toll free.

Kansai English Speaking Doctors

Osaka English Speaking Doctors

Some Common Ailments in Japan

Health Care in Japan

Expats new to Japan often complain about certain ailments that are somewhat unique to Japan. One thing I never had trouble with in Vancouver was my feet. That all started during the very dry Japanese winters. (Vancouver has a very wet winter)

Us NJs (non-Japanese) often complain of cuts on our toes. They just appear during the winter. They can be quite painful. They look almost like someone took a knife to your toe. The toe skin become separated from the soul of your foot leaving a gaping crevasse-like hole! Okay maybe I exaggerate a little but to get rid of it what you need is an:

eikitai bansouko (liquid bandage), and one brand is called "Coloskin." Here is the commercial for coloskin showing a woman using it for dry cuts on her fingers:

Health Care in Japan - Dry Heel Problems

If your heels get really dry, hard and develop cuts or (fissures) then you could try coloskin or get a "karuishi" which is a kind of rock that people use to get rid of the dry skin.

I found it along fixes the problem after a short time. Us the karushi by rubbing it on your heel during the bath or after a bath. I actually use it during the bath. I actually never get bad anymore, I use the karuishi when I feel my heels are getting dry and it seems to fix them so that they don`t get too bad--I rarely ever get the dry cuts there anymore.

I also use "Heel Softening Cream," by Miracle of Aloe. It works, and I bought it online. But I think any skin cream will help your heals when it gets dry in wintertime.

Japan is a very rainy country, but the rain tends to come at certain times of the year. The other times it is sunny and dry.

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