English Speaking Lesson

English Speaking Lesson, to stand in front of a group of students for the first time is a harrowing experience - especially your first class. Teacher`s hands often shake. But thankfully, students rarely notice, as they are shaking in their shoes as well.

(Pictured, Japanese children at play by Kevan Hudson)

Stay in an Old Wild West Style Cottage near Hakone and Views of Mount Fuji!

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Cottage near Hakone, Odawara & Fuji Views 2nd Fl

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
American cottage in quiet area. 10 min walk east to see Fuji! Theme: American Wild West/Mexican/Native American. Private suite! Two big rooms, 1 small room, kitchen, small bathroom shower/bath. ...

YOUR teaching stories, articles, best,funniest and strangest teaching experiences.

English Speakiing Lesson: some of our worst experiences. Read about the terrible experiences of other teachers in Japan and/or post your own. Plus you can comment on them or even give helpful advice.

Teaching English in Japan is certainly rewarding, but it is always challenging too. Some people have some terrible experiences along the way, but hopefully they are balanced out by some great experiences. They usually are!

Teach teach in Japan is not for the faint of heart, to leave your home and your family, you have to have guts.

What were some of your Worst Teaching Experiences in Japan?

What happened? How did it end? Share with others!

What were Some of your worst Experiences teaching English in Japan?

What happened? What went wrong?
Explain in as much detail as you can!

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