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(Pictured above: The famous Miyajima Torii) (Pictured: The Around the World boardgame)

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(Pictured a Canadian house in Japan)

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Have you had a funny, strange teaching experience in Japan?

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Racism in Japan 
Racism in Japan, are you Shudan Stalked - group Stalked? I just got an Email from a man who claims he is stalked by shudan stalkers or group stalkers. …

BEWARE: Nichi Gakkan's Coco-Juku 
After interviewing in Tokyo, I was told I was "hired" by Nichi Gakkan in February 2012, and was asked to STOP interviewing with any other companies. I …

Being an ALT: The Greatest Job? 
I am a representative from the Odawara-Chula Vista International Understanding Program. I am from San Diego, CA and my city Chula Vista has been sister …

Japan and its Standardized Test-Based Education System Part 3 
Japan and its Standardized Test-Based Education System Part 3 Quotes: "...I think that an education system that teaches skills that can be employed …

A-to-Z language School of Nagano (No, thank you) 
Many JETS come to Japan to work for school boards across the country. I do not know the exact numbers but I think more teachers are hired locally to do …

My Reward after Teaching 
My Reward after Teaching, after many years of teaching and turning 50, was to buy myself a Toyota 86 sports car. It is a beautiful, well balanced …

"I`ll just call him Dick for short" 
An English School Owner`s Experience in Japan Kanagawa - One of our teachers, I'll call him Dick to preserve his anonymity, gave us one week notice …

About Me Not rated yet
About Me and why I Made How to Teach English in Japan.com My name is Kevin Burns, and I have written all of the articles here, unless otherwise credited. …

ALC Education Interview Not rated yet
The ALC Education interview is first done on the telephone and they record it. They destroy the recording after they have compiled their notes on you …

Air Canada Flight 4 Not rated yet
A Chance Encounter on Air Canada Flight 4 If you do not travel frequently between Canada and Japan, you may not know Air Canada flight 4. It is the …

People are afraid of catching the Flu Not rated yet
Many people are afraid of catching the flu in Japan. For that matter, who isn`t? Also, my son of course has been sick, so to reassure people I …

Voyeur Japan Not rated yet
Voyeur Japan: Cover your mouth An interesting thing happened to me during one of my morning excursions. As so often, I followed my usual morning …

Teach in Japan Not rated yet
Teach in Japan: an English teacher in Japan comments on what life is like here. Don`t Believe Everything You Hear About Living in Japan Here …

English Lesson Kids Not rated yet
English lesson kid, Rick Eismann talks about Japan and some of his best experiences. We interviewed the English lesson kid, Rick Eismann. Eismann …

Japan and its standardized test-based education system Part 5 Not rated yet
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Japan and its Standardized Test-Based Education System Part 2 There aren`t any viable options for our family. Plus I hope that my influence, the influence …

Japan and its standardized test-based education system Not rated yet
Japan and its standardized test-based education system Hensachi is a term used in Japan to establish one`s rank relative to others. (Yuko Kawanishi …

The Japanese Student vs The English Teacher Not rated yet
The Japanese Student vs The English Teacher I teach English as a second language in Japan to over 200 students a week (mostly boys) and I have to …

Teaching English in Japan by Rhyming  Not rated yet
Teaching English in Japan by Rhyming Hi , for some of you who will read this , I want to say , congrats on taking the plunge into teaching english. …

"English Teachers," the Web Series Not rated yet
English Teachers is a comedy drama about English Teachers in Japan. It doesn`t delve into technique much, but simply follows the lives of some characters …

The BEST job you can get Not rated yet
I just want to share my experience so far. I have worked in 4 different work settings as an English teacher in Japan. Here is my ranking by job experience …

Teaching English & Living in Japan: the Highs and Lows Not rated yet
My name is David Moser, and I currently an ELT Representative for Cambridge University Press. If you have any inquires or requests, please do not hesitate …

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Poor 4.76%

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