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English Teacher Resource - photo of Japanese model by Tiago Freitas of Canada

Indeed a skilled teacher without good source pf teaching materials is in a difficult position. To teach in Japan well you need access to, and need to know where you can find great information, and materials. You also need people to network with for opportunities.

Getting out to some of the conferences at ETJ is a great idea! You will not only learn a lot, but can make some friends who like yourself, are also teachers.

ET People

Is Nagoya`s free magazine for EFL/ESL students. Students studying English and others write for the magazine. Kathryn A. Craft has done a great job of getting students and others together to produce a nice magazine and a great outlet for student creativity.

I do the same thing with my student written online magazine Young Voices of Japan.

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Pictured: Shinjuku, Tokyo by Richard Baladad

English teacher resource: my brother was the best English teaching resource when I was a novice English teacher.

My eldest brother had done some ESL teaching in Japan for over two years. He encouraged me to come to this exotic country.

At 26 years old, I decided I too, would teach in Japan. My plan was to stay for one year, teach ESL, then return to Canada. I never left.

I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. At this moment I am sitting on a hill top, looking out at miles and miles of trees. It is so green, beautiful and only 10 minutes from my home. A famous temple surrounded by 100 year old cedar trees sits just up the hill from our home, a Victorian style house imported from Canada.

At UBC in Vancouver, my Japanese history professor told me that I could be a great teacher. (Of course he told four others in that class the same thing LOL) Yet I took those words to heart, and decided to try my luck in Japan.

Before leaving for these isles, I talked to everyone I could find who had lived or been there. I read many books on living and teaching in Japan.

You should too!

One woman I met, advised me to read all I could on culture shock. I wished I had. Culture shock can creep up on you and still does at times even now.

With a Bachelor of Arts in theatre, I landed a job at one of the biggest English language conversation schools in Japan. I learned enough to open my own school two years later. I now have a small chain of three schools, an hour and a half south of Tokyo, and one of them is in our home.

As well, I decided I wanted to expand what I do, so I applied and got a position as an English instructor at one of Japan`s most famous universities.

Living and teaching English in Japan, has been a very interesting experience all around. Come with me, and learn more about living and working in this very exotic country!

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