Some Reviews and Examples of a Good English Vocabulary Test

Some Reviews and Examples of a Good English Vocabulary Test:

by Lyanne Thomas

“A rich vocabulary is a valuable asset and an important attribute of success in any walk of life.”

------ W.B. Elley, Language Expert

A good vocabulary test is one of the best ways to measure your knowledge of the English language. Several quizzes and exams are designed to help you gauge the depth of your word knowledge. Let me mention some examples of some good vocabulary tests and where you can find them.

English vocabulary tests by Vocaboly

Vocaboly offers different English vocabulary tests such as: SAT vocabulary, TOEFL vocabulary, GRE vocabulary, GMAT vocabulary and VOA Special English. The tests are categorized into 3 groups: The Quick test, which is composed of only 10 questions. The Medium test, which is composed of 20 questions and the last is the Thorough test of 40 questions.

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SAT vocabulary tests on

One of the most widely known English exams is the “SAT.” SAT vocabulary is composed of words used in daily conversation. Many English teachers use SAT vocabulary tests to enhance the speaking, writing and comprehension skills of their students. offers SAT vocabulary word test for some middle school levels: 6th, 7th and 8th grade vocabulary, and all high school levels including advanced senior levels.

TOEFL vocabulary practice test on Exam English

TOEFL is one of the globally recognized English tests, and each year millions of English learners all over the world register to take the TOEFL exam. It is estimated that an ESL student or learner must know at least 10,000 English words to pass the exam.

Exam English offers a TOEFL vocabulary practice test. The test is composed of 50 questions. Each question is to be answered in 10 seconds.

ExpertRating online English vocabulary test

ExpertRating offers several highly recognized certifications not only for students but also for job seekers and professionals. Their English vocabulary exam is a good way to assess your level in the English language and likewise getting certified by ExpertRating is a good way to give a boost to your resume.

Their vocabulary test is composed of 40 multiple choice questions, with 2 to 8 options. The test can be taken in 40 minutes. It can be taken for free, and if you pass the exam you may order a hard copy certificate for $6.95.

The Vocabulary Size Test

The Vocabulary Size Test is composed of 50 multiple choice questions. This vocabulary test aims to measure the number of English words an individual knows. After the test an analysis and an explanation of your score will be presented together with recommended learning strategies for you.

Gap Fills vocabulary test

These English vocabulary practice tests were originally designed as examinations for undergraduate students. The tests are based on the vocabulary test formats used in Cambridge certificate exams, so these practice tests are very useful especially when preparing for an advanced vocabulary exam.

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