English Vocabulary: Learn Vocabulary by Debating

Dynamite Debate

English Vocabulary -- Pictured: Mount Fuji in the distance by Sam

Past Students’ Feedback


Debate was hard work but group work was enjoyable. The course didn’t have a test based on the textbook-it had practical experience.

Choosing our own topic meant that we could choose an interesting item which encouraged us to research and prepare for the debates.


The grading system wasn’t fair because some students didn’t participate as much and were more dependent. (See roles of the leader mentioned previously) Doing debates with different group members each time isn’t fair. (I disagree. Being able to work with new people is good practice for real life. Groups change and it’s important to be flexible).

It isn’t necessary to choose a winning team. (Again I disagree. Deciding which team presented the clearest arguments, gave the best evidence and responded to the other side’s points the best is the most important part of the debate. Please understand that losing a debate will not affect your final course grade).

The Final Word

Teaching a workshop style (learning by doing) course is a real challenge but I feel it’s worth it and enjoy seeing my students become more confident about expressing themselves.

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