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Entertainment in Japan - TV Programs on your Computer

One expert recommends the following sites online for watching sports, movies and tv shows. He says:

I basically use the same ones as I mentioned before. Youtube, Netflix, Hulu are all good. Get an Apple TV unit and you can get all three. You have to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu though.

Amazon is not as popular. One user said he did`t like it and would`t renew. There was`t enough interesting content.


You can of course watch your favorite shows on iTunes. But if you do, you will have to pay a small amount. If you want to watch them for free, do a web search for the name of your show plus the words: full episodes.

Be careful to stay away from any spam sites that turn up in your search though. Only used recognized web sites to watch.

Entertainment in Japan - iTunes

Many networks make their shows available to the public through iTunes. Some are free and some are very cheap. You can also get a USB device to allow you to stream your favorite shows on iTunes, onto your TV.

Apple TV in Japan

A Reader Writes on Apple TV

"If you get Apple TV. You can watch Hulu on your TV. Apple TV has a contract with Hulu Japan. We bought one but I don't subscribe to Hulu though.

It's only around 8,000 yen on Amazon Japan. I subscribe to MLB.com so I can watch my baseball games on it too. If you subscribe to NHL.com you can watch hockey through it too. It also has all these radio stations (from all over the world and in many categories) and podcasts that you can listen to for free. So it works like a Usen too in that aspect.

You hook up an HDMI cable to the TV and it connects to your WIFI system. It's a small black box with a remote (the only minus is the remote since it's a pain to use it to type in characters.. only if they made it blue tooth keyboard compatible). The Apple TV box is as big in diameter as a big square drink coaster. You can get Apple TV at Amazon. I recommend it.

Would you like to Stay in a Canadian house in Japan?

Near Hakone, views of Mount Fuji, and near Only Yu Hot Spring!

And did we mention the reasonable price?

Romantic Fuji Views near Hot Spring

Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Perfect romantic spot for couples. Our dream home! Stay in a Canadian house! 2 single beds. Much of the furniture and lights were imported. The house itself was made in Canada, then imported and bu...

The National Film Board of Canada

While living in Japan and being surrounded by all things in Japanese you need a break. Sometimes you simply want to watch a good movie in English.

Few people seem to know that the National Film Board of Canada can provide you with entertainment in Japan, plus it is free! The NFB offers free movies, right on your computer. Plus there are some great movies! They pride themselves on good quality movies, with great acting.

If you want Hollywood, action with things blowing up everywhere, look elsewhere. If you want to sit with your Cappucino and watch a great film

click here.

The NFB of Canada has documentaries, animations, alternative dramas, and interactive productions. Sometimes the best things in life are free! Thank you Canada!

Taste Wine and Enjoy

Entertainment: Like to Entertain?

One idea is to host a wine tasting party at home. Even in Japan our small apartments are big enough to have some friends over and enjoy a wine tasting with good food. Joanne shares some ideas for entertainment in Japan and elsewhere.

SkyPerfec TV

SkyPerfecTV is a must get for entertainment in Japan during your stay here. After a long day of teaching, it really is nice to come home to some news in perfect English and some movies from home. You have to subscribe to SkyPerfecTV but it may be worth it. I prefer Neflix and Hulu though, using an Apple TV unit, as you get so much more.

Visit the SkyPerfec TV Homepage to learn more.

TV Guide

Metropolis has a TV Guide in English both in their magazine (print version), and at their website.


You think that one year or even two or three is not such a long time away from home. Yet it is.

There will be many things that you miss. One simply will be your local television. Watching your favourite TV shows, movies in English, or catching your favourite sports team in action.

Twenty years ago when I came, I was out of luck except for catching the occasional movie released much later than home, at a theater in Japan. Or renting one at a local video shop. They often didn`t have the movie I wanted to watch however.

Those days are gone. I am astounded at the internet and the progress it has made. I love the Vancouver Canucks hockey team and have been watching them live from my countryside town in Japan--for free! There are Canadians who can`t say that.

TSN -- The Sports Network

TSN is most famous in Canada for being the number one sports channel. They offer archived games at their site. If you don`t watch the news it is like watching the game live.

Check out TSN`s archived hockey games and other sports at their site. imbd.com otherwise known as the Internet Movie Database is now offering free movies along with their excellent and voluminous offerings of movie reviews. They just gave me another reason to go to their site. Of course there is YouTube. And you can watch some movies and TV shows there, along with music videos and pretty much anything else you can imagine. You can check out You Tube for free. Veoh claims that they are different. They in fact are revolutionary they argue. At Veoh they promise that they will give you the power to easily discover, watch and personalize your online viewing experience.

Okay I`m sold. Veoh is free as well. I love all this free stuff!!!!

Check out Veoh to see for yourself.

Anime, Manga & Japanese Film

Entertainment in Japan: Jibiri Studio and other Anime

Mention anything by the Jibiri Studio and I am glued to the screen. Jibiri makes great anime or Japanese animated movies. The art in Jibiri productions is amazing and I love their characters too. One of the most famous of the Jibiri characters of course is Tottoro.

Many Westerners have grown up reading manga and watching anime.

Japan Living: On Anime & Japanese Films

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Anime and Japanese Films are other forms of Entertainment in Japan.

by Jason Taisha

While I enjoy well-made anime, it seems that Japan's live-action film industry suffers by comparison. Of Japanese-made films, most of the top-grossing ones in Japan each year are animated, and mostly aimed at children.

Comedy Anyone?

Humor about life in Japan

Entertainment in Japan: Tokyo`s Comedy Store

The comedians of Tokyo`s Comedy Store are surprisingly funny. It feels good to know I started it! I started the predecessor of Tokyo`s Comedy Store but at that time it was The Tokyo Comedy Club.

I produced the first two shows and performed stand up for the Tokyo Comedy Club, the forerunner of The Tokyo Comedy Store. For many laughs check out the store that has been keeping us laughing for many years!

Now I have a captive audience of English students! They can`t escape!!!

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Want to shoot your friends in the head?

If so you might want to hang out at the War Zone. It is a paint ball and survival game center in Chiba and they have professional instructors with real world, military experience to teach you how to blow Herb`s head off with a paintball gun. Not literally of course, but it sure is fun to see Herb your college buddy from back home with paint all over him.

Shoot your friends in Chiba!

I`m not being rude by saying shoot your friends in the Chiba. Chiba is a place! Really! I would not lie to our readers!

Entertainment in Japan - Going for a Drink

Sometimes having something fun to do is as simple as this. Especially if you enjoy the company you keep. I have always enjoyed going for a drink in a pub or hotel bar.

There are many in Japan, especially in the larger cities and some of them would love to have a non-Japanese, English speaking bar tender. Why? They may have many English speaking customers, or the theme is foreign, for example the many Irish and English pubs in Japan.

Bartending Made Easy and Fun

Bartending made easy and fun. Learn to make drinks like your favorite bartender.

Entertainment in Japan -- What the Dickens?

What the Dickens is a nightclub with live bands in Tokyo. Check them out for performances like Paddy Field and other entertainment in Japan.

Paddy Field is a good-time Irish trad band which plays regularly in Tokyo Irish pubs. Here, live at Shibuya Dubliners, every 4th Wed./month. Tune is Midnight on the Water, great American old-time waltz by Jay Ungar.

Members: Scott Van Dusen-mandolin, Jim Ediger-fiddle, Barry Phillips-bodhran & vocal, Paul Gilson-guitar.

What the Dickens?

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