ESL Activities Children

ESL Activities Children

When you teach in Japan, the bigger your repertoire of activies you know, the better. This of course comes from experience, reading, and attending workshops and seminars. See some of our recommendations below:

Halloween Party Games:

There are a plethora of great online and printable Halloween party activities these days, most of them are free, and many of them will liven up your Halloween parties while teaching the kids some ghoulish


Stay in an American Style Riverside Cottage near Hakone and Izu

And still have money left for dinner and souvenirs.

Spacious Cottage near Hakone

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Is located near the Kari River, across the street from a supermarket, and 3 minutes walk from Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). It is near a pleasant river walk with nearby rice fields and Iiwahara...

Classroom Christmas Party Ideas

Some great Class Christmas Party ideas are in our Christmas section of our site. Bash the heck out of a pinata, or drive Santa to Christmas town in a jeep!

"Bring out the artist in the Kids"

Japan is still fraught with rote memorization teaching--especially in junior high school and beyond. So if you can add creativity to the classroom, not only are you teaching them English, you are helping them to hang onto the natural creativity that is a child`s blessing.

With my own children, I constantly encourage them to draw. I give them materials that encourage them to keep up this skill. I encourage the teachers at Kevin`s English Schools to do creative activities with our students too.

You can do this in your English classroom as well.

ESL Activities Children: Getting the Kids to Draw

Ask the children to draw their favorite: toy, place or activity.

Or you can direct them with TPR (James Asher`s Total Physical Response):

Say commands like these to the children:

"Draw a big circle."

"Draw a cute cat."

"Draw your house."

"Draw your nose."

Or with colours:

""Draw a brown dog."

Better still, become more student centred (something we should all strive for,) and have a student be the teacher. The student can issue commands, you stay in the background and monitor.


Have the students draw what they want and the class must ask them questions about their picture. You could make it a 20 Questions type guessing game or simply ask questions about the picture.

*If the teacher draws something too, the children often get a kick out of this. (especially when they see my drawing ability!)

Take them Outside

On a nice day you can take the kids outside and have them choose what to draw. State to the children simply: "Draw something beautiful."

After they have drawn it you can ask them questions like:

"What do you like about it?" They might answer:

"I like the shape." or "I like the colour."

You may have to pre-teach the above vocabulary however.

On a final note:

I think remembering which activities we enjoyed as children and incorporating them into an English class is very important, and will lead to fun in the classroom. Fun can`t be over-emphasized! Most of the kids you teach will have already been at school all day, so the last thing they wish to do is study more. Make it as fun as possible for them, while you teach them English.

ESL Activities Children - Read to Them

Short Story Time
Listen To Stories Read Online: Homeschooling Family Reads Classics, Poetry, Bible Stories and more. Get lost in a story and build character traits as well as a lifelong love of reading!

Some kids hate reading! But they love to listen to adults as well as other children read short stories and books online to them while they follow along! While they are lost in these stories.

As the children follow along, they learn how to read certain words too. Indeed reading to them is a great idea, along with giving them time to read to themselves as well. I am all in favor of a silent reading time in your classes and at home with parents.

But by all means read to them as well, it is a great experience for all, and education too.

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