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ESL Teacher & Personal Construct Psychology - What are the implications for the classroom?

I attended an ETJ Conference in Tokyo and David Paul asked this question during his lecture:

"How can we get inside the world of Japanese junior high school students?"

This got me to thinking. I have taught many junior high students at my school and at Keio. Did I get into their world? If so, how successful was I? I thought I did my best. But what did that mean and what did I accomplish?

ESL Activities, Pictured: the Apples to Apples boardgame (Bible edition). Some teachers have raved about the original edition--Apples to Apples.

Teaching English in Japan in your 50s and Beyond

Can it be done?

Adult ESL Lessons, some have suggested, should be taught by mature teachers in Japan. There are many points in favor of this.

Would you like to learn about American history from a twenty year old? If not, why not?

Or would you rather study with someone who is in their fifties, sixties or seventies, knows their stuff and is enthusiastic about the topic?

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ETJ Activities

ETJ Activities is a Yahoo Group that you must join! It is free and member contribute activities that work with Japanese students. It is specifically for English teachers living in Japan and members discuss and exchange classroom activities suitable for all ages.

You must join ETJ--English Teachers in Japan and membership is free.

ESL for Kids, Do`s and Don`t`s

Teaching ESL to children can be a daunting task as you have to develop both writing and oral skills in the kids through interactive learning and a literacy rich environment. Besides this, there are some do’s and don’ts to follow while teaching ESL for kids.

1. Students usually depend on their teacher for the right answers. Instead of obliging every time, teachers should give positive encouragement to make children more comfortable and willing to answer, even if they are wrong. ESL for Kids

Where to find the Best ESL Printable Worksheets?

The printable worksheets prove to be an asset for an ESL teacher. These worksheets often provide the best platform for inculcating the concepts of various aspects of the English language. After teaching a particular lesson in the class, the printable worksheets come in handy for improving the knowledge of students. Although some ESL teachers do the tedious work of creating their own worksheets, many are available for free online.

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