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ESL Conversation, how to teach it and how to over come some of the challenges and pitfalls of new teachers.

ESL Japan - Thomas C. Anderson reports on his 20 Plus years of teaching there.

As I approach my twentieth year of teaching English in Japan, I see that there are four major troublesome areas for educators here. First of all, I believe that many of us have developed an overly defensive mentality concerning what we do in the classroom.

It seems that in everything we plan and do we are consciously or unconsciously trying to prove to ourselves and the Japanese that we are not "just" English teachers (with the unspoken message that we are nothing more than foreigners using English teaching as a means of making money to support ourselves while living here.)

How many times have we attended conference presentations or courses and seen grim looking audience members who are determined to find something negative in whatever is said.

Would you like to Stay in an American Wild West Cottage near Hakone?

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Cottage near Hakone, Odawara & Fuji Views 2nd Fl

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
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Pictured: a bamboo grove in Japan

ESL Conversation - My advice on How to Learn ESL?

A famous Czech proverb says, “Learn a new language and get a new soul”. Learning new languages opens new windows towards life and teaches new things about diverse cultures, societies and traditions. It is always advantageous to learn new languages other than your mother tongue and learning English as a secondary language is one of the most popular practices in non-English speaking countries.

How to learn ESL?

ESL Discussions, thoughts on Yukio Tsuda and English Study in Japan

Yukio Tsuda is a professor at the University of Tsukuba. He earned a doctorate in speech communication at Southern Illinois University.

In his ESL Discussions, Tsuda argues:

“English has its dark side that represents ruthless power.”

Tsuda doesn`t feel that having English skills is important for Japanese, (even though, he himself went to a lot of trouble to get English qualifications.)

ESL Dialogues - A Couple of Opinions on our Profession

I think in a way it is a shame that in the EFL/ESL teaching profession we do not have more respect for the experience of teachers.

Our impressions do matter. Just because they are not a scientific study is beside the point. A teacher with many years of experience, does have something to teach us, and does have valuable knowledge to share.

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