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Where to find the Best ESL Flashcards?

by Cheema Beckham

William Osler, a Canadian Physician said,

“Observe, record, tabulate, communicate. Use your five senses ….. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know that by practice alone you can become expert”.

According to scientists and doctors, eyes are one of the basic and major sources of learning. The majority of things that a child learns are by watching and observing. Just imagine that if your parents had told you about an ostrich and you had never actually seen one or even a photo, - what picture can you make in your mind by hearing that it is an 8-10 foot tall bird with small wings and a long neck?

You may have mix-bred a giraffe and a penguin to find a solution to this riddle. And in the process, you might have created a bird that God even, could not craft.

For ESL learners, flash cards play a vital role in re-invoking their sense of learning by watching. There are a number of advantages that ESL flash cards offer. These are considered to be an ideal, low-cost solution for teaching in a fun way. They can be used for teaching at all levels, to all age groups and all kinds of subjects. I said low cost, sometimes they are even free. Check out Bogglesworld on the internet if you don`t believe me!

Flash cards can be bought or even prepared in a variety of different sizes, shapes and materials. They prove to be of significant help in improving memory skills, ESL learning skills, advanced discussion skills and in many other ways.

Today, you can find all sorts of ESL flash cards on the internet. If you are an ESL teacher, then you can make use of online websites and find numerous ESL flashcards to help you with your profession. The following are some of the best websites offering ESL flash cards for ESL students:-

ESL Flash Cards. “ESL Flash Cards” is a website dedicated to flash cards on different themes like alphabet flashcards, animal flashcards, daily activities flashcards and many more. Unlike other ESL websites, this site specializes in ESL flash cards only.

ESL-Kids. “ESL Kids” contains a mix of different types of ESL activities like worksheets, games, songs and books but their flashcard section is pretty awesome. You can find creatively designed flash cards on a variety of different topics.

MES English. Offering more than 1800 words depicted on flash cards, “MES English” holds a high place among the websites providing free ESL flash cards. They are all free and ready to print. You can use them with your hand outs or include them in PowerPoint presentations.

ESL Junction. “ESL Junction” also provides a wide range of free ESL flash cards and you can download them for teaching purposes. Different themes are included in these cards as well.

* Bogglesworld Offers many free resources for teachers and flashcards are reportedly their most popular free resource. Just print them out, laminate them, and you have cards for your school for the next 20 years. Cards on all topics.

See the free flashcards at Bogglesworld.

There should be no doubt that flash cards can prove to be your most handy tool to teach English. Since ancient times, flash cards (in various forms) have helped people in memorizing words, shapes and pictures. They help in increasing vocabulary and improve your retention power too. Make use of them and you will find a definite improvement in your students.

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