ESL Fun Games

ESL Fun Games, some of the best games for ESL students may be gathering dust in the bottom of your closet under the guitar you never play anymore. There are some gems hidden in regular games we all know. They may at times need some tweaking, like insisting on an English only rule, OR - stating that a student must ask another student an English question at the beginning of each turn (just to keep the English flowing), but their are some diamonds in the rough in that back of your closet. I guaranty it! Sell that guitar! You know you`re not going to play it!

Games for Teaching Junior High to Adults

Apples to Apples & Apples to Apples Junior

These award winning games have often been used in English classes. In this game you compare different cards. For example:

You have five cards and you have to judge which is the most noisy--out of playing soccer, my grandpa, kittens, balloons or a surprise.

Perhaps it is best for advanced students. Or you will have to pick and choose the vocabulary (which you should probably do anyway), no matter what the level of the class is.

Many teachers love using this game as a fun break and vocab reinforcer for their students.

The Game of Life:

Is a fun diversion for jr. high school students who can read well enough. I have even used it as a change of pace in children`s classes in which the kids could read. They love it! It gives them reading practice and a real world challenge. They need to be able to understand the instructions of each space and card they receive. It is necessary to understand the English to play the game.

ESL Fun Games - Speaker Friendly:

If you can find a copy at Ebay or elsewhere buy it!!!!

Speaker Friendly is a boardgame that reinforces basic English conversation skills. There are questions like: "What are your hobbies?" It is a fun way to review or motivate your students. I believe it is out of print but you may be able to find a copy somewhere.

I use this game every term at the university I teach at, and used it in junior high classes too. I also use it at our English school. Students love it! If you want a fun way to reinforce what they have already learned, this is it!

Rock Talk:

(Like Speaker Friendly Level 2)

It is a more difficult version of Speaker Friendly. It is the same kind of boardgame with more advanced questions. Again good for review or a change of pace. This too is out of print I believe. But there are copies available here and there. Ask around for this game and Speaker Friendly.

ESL Fun Games - The Japan Game:

Has questions about Japan that students ask and answer.I use it in university classes and in some classes at Kevin`s as a change of pace or to enliven the class.It is a popular game with students. It has cards in English and Japanese, so it helps beginning students if they don`t understand the English. Plus there are three levels of questions. Peace Games makes a variety of games that may be suitable for your classes.

Word Up:

This is more of a grammar based game. Students ask each other questions and try to say the correct answer.There are many fill in the blank type cards. Students enjoy it.

Guess Who? & Guess Where?

Milton Bradley makes these two games. Perhaps unknowingly, they produced a game suitable for EFL/ESL classes. It is a good game to reinforce describing people.

Above are just some ready made boardgames that you can use in class. Of course there are many, many free games available on the internet that you can simply print and play. Plus these games are designed with English teaching in mind.

However, the above games are great as ready made reinforcers of previously taught material. As well, we all need a break from the regular English lesson (especially my lessons) and these games will bring a smile to even the most challenging students.

Want a great class project for kids classes or junior high?

Have the students make a Guess Who game using pictures of the students in their class. They will love it and it brings more realia to the English classroom.

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