There is an ESL Galaxy of Opportunities in Japan

ESL Galaxy - The Pay it Forward model works!

There are literally a galaxy full of opportunities when you talk of teaching English. Starting your own English school should be one your strongly consider!

As I said on page one, if you give to the students first. You generate happy customers! You create fans, you generate enthusiasm and people talk and post about you.

However; Luckily for you Most schools do it backwards.

Dean Rogers asked at his lecture:

"Have you ever felt that management cares about you at the big Eikaiwas?"

If you go against the grain with your school website and with your attitude towards students and teachers in general, you will be ahead of 90% of the English schools in Japan. Moreover, you will be well ahead of any of the large schools, and Japanese are tired of the BS of the large schools.

ESL Galaxy - E Learning & Remote Learning is growing by leaps and bounds!

It is worth looking into this aspect of teaching. You can not only offer traditional lessons in your school, but you can offer E Learning and Remote Learning for students.

E Learning incorporates the use of software for ESL study and Remote Learning is with a teacher, and a student(s) live via an internet connection. You use headphones and talk live or you can chat live, but talking live would be preferred by most students.

Textbooks are going digital. The kindle system is very popular and the word is out that textbooks are going digital in the USA.

Unless you have been hiding on Sado Island you will have realized that teacher`s salaries have been plummeting and most schools are offering part-time, not full-time teaching positions.

This is yet another reason for considering starting your own school.

Where should you start it? Right out of your apartment!

You read that right!

You don`t need an expensive place. Just tell the landlord that you are tutoring. We have never been turned down. However we usually say this when we are about to rent an apartment. As we are signing, we say by the way, we want to do a tutoring business is that okay. They always say it is fine.

But you must rent a ground floor apartment. Especially if you are going to teach children. The noise of them will disturb your downstairs neighbors if you are on an upper floor.

So you don`t need to rent an expensive office. That is the surest way to go bankrupt unless you have the money to do it. Most don`t. If you do have the money to go that route or can get investors together great!

I listened to Dean Rogers (the President and CEO of Dean Morgan Co. LTD) speak recently and he did exactly that. Dean Morgan is a chain of English schools in Japan plus Rogers owns or is part-owner of a few other companies. He is a great speaker and I encourage you to listen to him if he happens to be lecturing near you.

Rogers put up 200K of his own money and found angel investors for the other 800 thousand. He rented a large office in Tokyo to start his first school.

I have never been able to raise that kind of money except when we bought our house and started our school in the house. Banks seem more receptive if you are buying a home as opposed to starting a business. So if you can combine the two do it.

Then if you have a sound business background like Dean Rogers and connections, maybe you can raise money for a business.

ESL Galaxy - Find a Partner

Another option is finding a partner to go in with you. As Rogers pointed out during his lecture, "just be sure you have a sound exit plan, as partnerships disintegrate more often than marriages."

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