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ESL Games: When you teach in Japan, you need some activities to liven up your English classes. It is a shame if teachers don`t use interesting activities. Some teachers think they don`t have the time to use them. However, by not using any, you are creating a life of drudgery for your students, and for yourself as a teacher.

The "more serious," activities of your class will go better if you occasionally at least use some games. I promise you that!

Where to find Free ESL Activities?

The internet today makes it really easy to find ESL games. All you have to do is carry out a search on the internet using the keywords ‘free ESL games’ and you get a list of various sites offering ESL games.

One such site is Teach English in Asia. The site offers a database of various ESL games that is classified into several categories to make it easy for you to find the right ESL game for yourself.

The games are broadly classified as to the kind of game and itterms of skills practiced. You have games meant for adults, high school, middle school and elementary school students and games that concentrate on skills like reading, speaking, grammar, alphabet, vocabulary, spelling and listening Free ESL games.

Teach in Japan with ESL Games

Teaching English Games: When teaching English in Japan, even some games not designed for teaching EFL or ESL, can be used with some tweaking. ie)Age of Steam a game about creating a railroad, has been used by some teachers.

Others have used "Settlers of Catan" or the "China" boardgame, in the English classroom.

Are you Game? Activities you can do in the Classroom

If you are in a teaching rut, or you just want to liven up your teaching there are some great games for teaching English. One game I like to use in junior high and children`s classes is typhoon. It isn`t my creation. I think this game has been around for a long time.

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Fun Games, some of the best games for ESL students may be gathering dust in the bottom of your closet under the guitar you never play anymore. There are some gems hidden in regular games we all know. They may at times need some tweaking, like insisting on an English only rule, OR - stating that a student must ask another student an English question at the beginning of each turn (just to keep the English flowing), but their are some diamonds in the rough in that back of your closet. I guaranty it! Sell that guitar! You know you`re not going to play it!

ESL Fun Games for Teaching Junior High to Adults

Games for Children that will improve their English

There are numerous games for children which help them to learn English. You can find many of the listings in the posts and in the links section of the

Kevin`s English Schools forum at Yahoo Groups. As well, there is a website called Genki English that is devoted to producing free esl games and activities to teach English to children. Be sure to check them out. You can subscribe to their free Email newsletter too.

Games for Teaching Junior High to Adults

Other Games

There are many games, that though they were not intended to teach English, they are great games for your teenager to adult

English classes nonetheless.

ELT News

Is another good source for games and articles related to teaching English in Japan. They have resources at their bookstore.

Nellie's Group

Is the operator of Nellie's English Books, which is an importer and distributor of various overseas ELT (English Language Teaching) materials. In addition to ELT, Nellie's carries a range of products including picture books and educational toys.

Nellies Group

Try Nellies located right in Japan.

TEFL Resources - How to teach an English through Games

What is the purpose of a game in the context of a EFL or ESL classroom?

To me, games provide another means of learning or reinforcing already learned English, in a fun and interactive way. I love the way games bring our students together. They create a feeling of comradery in an environment that is often very scary to the EFL student - the

English classroom itself.

Pictured: Apples to Apples game

ESL Board Games, a waste of time, or a welcome break for you and your students?

When teaching English in Japan, a great option is to liven up your English classes with an ESL board game. Even adults like the break that a board game using English creates. The key phrase here is "using English."

You would be surprised at the number of teachers who would use a game that uses absolutely no English.

If you are going to use a game that doesn`t naturally need spoken or written English, you MUST incorporate that into the game.

For example if you are going to play a simple game like Jenga. Where students place blocks and try not to let them fall, have them ask a question every turn, to another student. One teacher had the students write questions on wooden jenga blocks and then the students would ask one of the questions on the block to another student.

Have your students using as much English as possible in any activity!

On Using Settlers of Catan in the EFL Class

Settlers of Catan can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your EFL classroom. One way to use this award winning game is as an inspiration for some

creative writing.

Games to Learn English

Has many Flash games to help students learn English. Plus they have links to other games on the internet. It is a comprehensive site for games to learn English.

See more esl game suggestions

Some great ESL materials to help you in the classroom.

EFL Games from Taiwan

Taiwan English - Your First and Last Stop for ESL Classroom Games:
TaiwanEnglish is the best place to find games for the ESL classroom. Use our searchable database, organized by age, focus, materials, and many more variables, to find the game that best suits your classroom. With hundreds of games and more added each day, you won't be disappointed. Come check us out today!

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