ESL Grammar Worksheets

ESL Grammar Worksheets - I hated them as a child. How about you?

I think had it been taught in a more natural way, I might have enjoyed it more. That said though, I did discover (finally), a love of reading. Once children start to read, their grammar knowledge takes off I feel.

As mentioned elsewhere, being teacher centered is not my style in the classroom. I don`t spend a lot of time standing in front of the class, explaining aspects of English. I think most Japanese students are bored to tears of that style, having had it all their lives.

It is difficult to look at oneself and ascertain what exactly you do in the classroom. However what I feel I try to accomplish is similar to what Scott Thornbury suggests in, "How to Teach Grammar." (p. 153)

Rather than teach grammar, I practice Thornbury`s "...Rule of Nurture." I provide the right conditions for grammar learning, and I recognize that the feat of learning is something that occurs over time, as opposed to one flash of insight due to p. 27 from the textbook.

The students must be exposed to the grammar in different ways, then the teacher can reinforce previously taught material with these worksheets.

One should always endeavor to teach grammar in context if possible, and allow learners to put it to use immediately, either by speaking it or writing it.

As you gain experience use the methods that you have found effective. Don`t worry about the latest fashions in EFL/ESL teaching. Some teachers love to use the latest buzzwords and attempt to impress you with the new terminology. Others had their thesis based upon a certain method so want to promote that.

Don`t be fooled. Stick with what works, and as you teach you will know what works for your Japanese students, (and what doesn`t). Experiment too, try to keep this fresh. Attend conferences and workshops, and try out methods that seem logical to try.

Lastly have fun in the classroom yourself. If you do, the students may as well!

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