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ESL Job Opportunities, one great but often untapped opportunity is to start your own school.

Why should you think about starting your own school?

If you want to live in Japan long-term, it is a fairly secure way to accomplish this. Even if your school is a part-time endeavor, it can pay the rent, or the mortgage, and for all the daily necessities, plus you can work elsewhere while having the school as back up in case of bad economic times.

ESL Job Opportunities - Many want to stay in Japan

Japan is a great, safe, and convenient country to live in. Many non-Japanese want to stay. But few of the jobs they are offered by Japanese companies or university are secure. Having your own school can help you to feed, and clothe your family while giving you peace of mind and increasing your self-esteem as you not only give back to the local community, but reap the rewards of that too.

Plus having your own school increases the BIG fish in the small pond aspect of living here. Opportunities will come your way through your school. Opportunities that would never have come were you to work at the local Aeon or be the local ALT.

ESL Job Opportunities - Starting an English School is a Chance at a better life!

Many people shy away from attempting to start a school because it is scary, they feel they might lose their shirt in the attempt, and they don`t know how.

Read about here at this page and at our other page below (link at bottom Starting English School), to learn how I did it.

Put it this way: You will never be rich working for some one else. That`s it plain and simple.

If you are okay with that, then there is no need to read on.

But if you are wondering about the possibility, there are some great opportunities to start your own school and it can be a great life.

ESL Job Opportunities - Starting a School has Benefits

My wife and I imported our house from Canada. I am thinking about buying a Porsche. I don`t consider myself rich but maybe you would. I feel I have a nice life and I love our house. It is a great place to live, especially when I think about the cramped conditions I used to live in, and most Japanese and non-Japanese still live in.

So there are benefits. Plus the Japanese tax system loves entrepreneurs and gives many loopholes which allow you to deduct everything but your mother-in-law. I`d like to deduct her!

One great thing about starting your own school is that the big, established schools like Aeon, Nova, Geos, and Shane do things so badly. They don`t treat their teachers well, they don`t treat their students well, and they are slow to react and anticipate change. You are not! You are not a big bureaucracy, you can change this week if you want to. They can`t. Plus they are old, slow, Japanese style companies. I know, I know, Shayne is owned by a Brit, but still I think it is Japanese in style.

Plus the large schools are in trouble. They have relied on money in the past to advertise. They are having problems. Plus the internet has levelled the playing field. Anyone named Jones or Suzuki can put up a website and start an English school.

Anyone can put up a website. Anyone! That`s what the big schools do and most small schools too. But all they say is what kind of lessons they have, and their prices, oh they might have a map or two and maybe some photos.

But they give nothing away!

Everyone harps on service and how we care about our customers. However few give much of any information about grammar, spelling, vocabulary, listening study, or anything for free which would help students. It is just information about how students can sign up and pay you money.

At my school homepage, we have quite a bit of information for students which is designed to help them study English.

Plus we are adding more weekly.

In fact this website you are reading, is designed to give - in the hopes of sometime receiving. We give away tons of free information about teaching English in Japan, in the hopes that you might click on an ad. We give first, (pay it forward), in the hopes of reaping the rewards later.

The Pay it Forward model works!

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